Job Description

Job Descriptions:
+ Inspect all facility machinery thoroughly for malfunctions and/or potential failures.
+ Maintain logs and records as required to record complete operating conditions for the facility and report and irregularities
+ Performs routine (valve packing replacement, valve replacement, pump repairs, pump overhauls, electrical troubleshooting and repair, instrumentation calibration and troubleshooting) and complex (equipment alignment, boiler instrumentation replacement, continuous emissions monitoring systems, distributed control systems, turbine overhauls) maintenance work, up to their capabilities, as assigned and/or directed by supervisor and work orders from the preventive maintenance management system.
+ Assist in scheduled and forced outage maintenance work.
+ Supervise, coordinate or assist contractors performing work at the facility.
+ Comply with all Saguaro Environmental, Health and Safety policies and programs.
+ Participate in committees and task forces as required for plant operations and improvements. Prepare and present Safety Training as assigned.
+ Assist in the implementation and upkeep on the overall preventive maintenance and spare parts inventory tracking system, and in the lockout/tagout system.
+ Inventories materials, supplies, tools, and parts. Performs safety observations, inspections, and corrective actions. Performs incidental clerical duties as required and/or assigned.
+ Trains, instructs, and assists other personnel as required. Provides technical advice to plant personnel.
+ Trains to improve personal skills related to the job and/or required for advancement.
+ Writes Plant Orders, Plant Procedures, Operating Instructions and other documents as assigned by supervision.
+ Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Experience:
+ Knowledge of complex analog and digital instrumentation and control systems; watertube boilers, cogeneration cycles and their operation; proper methods for troubleshooting, repairing, and adjusting mechanical components and control systems; proper and safe methods to clear equipment; safe use of tools; plant safety rules; reporting procedures and practices, maintenance procedures and practices; electrical and mechanical prints, and cogeneration plant terminology and nomenclature.
+ Ability to communicate clearly verbal and written information and directives; troubleshoot equipment and system problems; detect and correct faulty instruments and control devices; install special or sensitive instruments; prioritize work; read and understand technical information, prints, and engineering data; interpret charts, graphs and gauge scales; and interface and work with others.
+ Must be able to use a personal computer keyboard and printer, engineering station keyboard, and various test equipment. Should have a good working ability with MS Office programs. Must be able to articulate sufficiently to provide complex technical explanations. Must be able to read and comprehend technical instruction books and manuals.
Keyword: Operator Maintenance Technician
From: Consolidated Asset Management Services, LLC
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