Job Description

We are seeking an experienced sales representative for a new door opening opportunity for Medicare and Medicaid in Ohio! Our diagnostic lab now has a Medicaid contract in Ohio for Pharmacogenetic Testing(PGx)!
Do you know any physicians that are Pharmacogenetic Testing(PGx) and have Medicaid or Medicare patients?
Why use Giant Medical?s Lab?
+ 24 ? 48 hour Turnaround: Get results to provider faster!
+ Better Customer Service ? Many diagnostic Labs have poor customer service and support
+ We are a Specialty Lab- Our lab ONLY does PGx: this means more accurate and detailed testing.
This could be an opportunity for you to create a solid additional income stream.
The Quick Math:
Medicaid Samples: $50 each x 15 samples = $750
Medicare Samples: $100 each x 15 samples = $1500
Commercial Samples $200 each sample x 15 = $3000
$5250 Monthly Commissions for 1 SMALL ACCOUNT

Why work with Giant Medical?
+ We have 20yrs combined experience in Medical Sales and Diagnostic Testing Services.
+ We focus on ethics and compliance-(NO GREY AREA)
+ We have a strict vetting process to qualify products we offer to you.
+ Transparent Complete Sales Reports for tracking your sales and commission.
+ Direct Deposit for your commissions.
+ Sales Support and Product Training

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