Job Description

Skills Required:  
Detailed understanding of .Net fundamentals including Memory management, Threads, Assemblies, Delegates, Lambdas  
- Understand .Net web service application concepts including ASP .Net, WebApi, Asp MVC, WCF, DataServices  
- Solid understanding of Object-Oriented design patterns and principles.  
- Fluent in C# and JavaScript.- Understand Agile development practices.  
.- Strong communication and presentation skills  
- Ability to intuitively combine traditional techniques and cutting-edge research to develop novel abstractions  
- Good technical documentation skills  
Skills Desired:  

- Very Good Experience in .Net web service application concepts including ASP .Net
- Understanding of Functional programming patterns and principles  
.- Experience in browser applications including AngularJS
- Familiar with extending Visual Studio to improve developer experience.  
- Experience with F#, especially its relationship to .Net and equivalence with C#  
- Awareness of the distinction between Application development and Framework development  
-Ability to interact with and guide application developers having a wide range of skills