Job Description

iMore, the premier Apple blog at Mobile Nations, is looking for a full-time news writer to help balance out our excellent how-to guides and in-depth industry analysis with a dedicated full-time news writer. News is one of the most important aspects of any tech blog and we need someone with as much passion for seeking out relevant content as we are about letting our readers know what’s going on behind the scenes at Apple.

As a News Writer, you’ll be the heart and soul of our daily content operation, making sure that our readers are up to date on the most important breaking news of the day, as well as, bringing an editorial voice to your coverage. You’ll learn how to find the angle, build a great news piece, and keep the news beat moving.

You should have a passion for the tech industry in general, and Apple goings-on specifically, with an uncanny knack for seeing news trends before they even hit.

The iMore News Writer role includes writing multiple news stories every day, finding the right news to cover, and being the first to the scene. Previous news writing experience from any industry is highly desired.

Daily responsibilities include:

- Writing and publishing multiple news stories on a daily basis with an eye for unique angles on the day’s events.
- Scouring the web for important breaking news.
- Building your own relationships with important people in the industry to get exclusive quotes, advanced information, and additional insight into a news story.
- Writing and publishing breaking news on very tight deadlines with impeccable copy.

Qualifications include:

- 1+ year experience news writing. Experience writing for daily online websites is a bonus.
- Ability to be self-motivated without needing any supervision after training. This position is remote and you MUST be a self-starter.
- Strong attention to detail. Self-editing skills are a must: We can’t wait for someone to correct your work before you publish.
- A strong passion for everything tech related, and more-so Apple related.

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