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Job: Business Support and Management

Primary Location: Europe %26 Americas-Colombia

Other Locations:

Schedule: Full-time

Employee Status: Permanent

Posting Date: 10/May/2021, 7:29:41 AM

Unposting Date: Ongoing

About Standard Chartered

We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours - do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good.

We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

The Role Responsibilities


  1. Bookkeeping and reporting of expenses (responsibilities may be shared with the Admin Assistant, but primary accountability relies on the OM):

    • Preparation of monthly journals

    • Preparation of related expense information as per Finance procedures (transactions summary, etc.)

    • Preparation of bank reconciliations (at discretion of Country CEO)

  2. Paying expenses (responsibilities may be shared with the Admin Assistant, but primary accountability relies on the OM, particularly on compliance with internal policies):

    • Preparation of Payment Orders

    • Preparation of checks or bank transfers

    • Ensure proper approvals are in place as per internal DoAs and PoAs for external parties

    • Ensure proper segregation of duties for preparer and approver of expenses and act as line of defence to prevent any misuse of funds or attempts to violate internal policies

  3. Liaison with Group Finance on expense administration, including adjustments and corrections. Ensure rapid response to information requests by Finance.

  4. Ongoing monitoring of cost budget targets and objectives. Review costs reports on a monthly basis to capture any deviations from the reported amounts.

  5. Responsible for preparation and timely submission of expense budget.

  6. Responsible approving and controlling Petty Cash movements. This can be delegated to the Admin Assistant (this is approved by CEO according DoA)

  7. Responsible for US$ Remittance request, which has to be approved (signed) and sent by the Country CEO.

  8. Co-ordination of the Rep’s bank account. Ensure the Country CEO is the only person with authority to approve payments acting individually and with no limit amount. The unit can have other senior staff approving payments at the discretion of the Country CEO, but must have joint authority (cannot approve alone) and with a limited amount.

  9. Payment and control of corporate credit cards (responsibilities may be delegated to the Admin Assistant).

  10. Responsible for preparation, submission and payment of all applicable taxes (including labour taxes and income tax withholding and, income equality withholding on payments).

  11. Responsible for preparation for balances substantiations and confirmations in the FCS.

Administration - CSR(can be delegated to Admin Assistant unless stated otherwise)

  1. Co-ordination of messengers’ daily itinerary.

  2. Administration of license, fees, duties, taxes, legal filings (cannot delegate).

  3. Ensure that all reports to regulators/government agencies are filed on time, and the status is updated in the Regulatory Reporting Register.

  4. Maintenance of equipment and premises.

  5. Control/purchase of office supplies.

  6. Inventory update.

  7. Maintain Insurance update (cannot delegate).

  8. Primary accountability for internal audit compliance (cannot delegate).

  9. Ensure compliance with Bank’s policies and to ensure that Bank’s policy breaches are properly authorized at the correct senior approving level (cannot delegate).

  10. Responsible for all refurbishing including decoration (cannot delegate).

  11. Responsible for preparing and annually updating the Local Procedures Manual & DOIs, a compilation of all the country’s operating procedures (cannot delegate).

  12. Under the legal status of the rep, ensure that invoices are billed correctly and that taxes are withheld adequately as well as paid on a timely basis.

  13. Manage merchandising process with NY and ensure brand compliance.

  14. To manage and update Country Iconnect site. To ensure consistency of the web content amongst the business/division.

Global Sourcing

  1. Ensure compliance with internal GS policies and local regulations (cannot delegate)

  2. Primary owner of the relationship with vendor (cannot delegate)

  3. Manage selection process, obtain quotes and provide all information for the Country CEO to decide (cannot delegate).

  4. Maintain frequent contact with vendor and keep written minutes (cannot delegate).

  5. Ensure Legal & Compliance review and approval is in place for Outsourcing arrangements (cannot delegate) and legal review with local counsel for regular vendors.

  6. Ensure Global Outsourcing Inventory (GOI) is kept updated at all times.

Operational Risk

  1. Act as country contact on OP Risk related matters. However, the OM is considered first line of defence as the rest of the staff.

  2. Ensure there is an active Phoenix id used in the Country.

  3. Responsible for escalating a risk when identified and reporting into Phoenix.

  4. Engage the rest of the team in active participation in the identification of risks (1st line of defence) and proper escalation of issues to Country CEO and regional management.

Human Resources – HR Coordination Activities

Hire Process (Talent Acquisition owned):

  1. Conduct local Group Staff Screening Policy (“GSSP”) checks prior to new joiner start/hire date as necessary, according to Talent Acquisition DOI.

  2. Work together with the Talent Acquisition team to ensure proper on-boarding of new hires, according to local and group policies, as per Talent Acquisition DOI.

  3. Do all the necessary paperwork for hiring of new personnel (pre employment checks, tax documentation, opening of dossiers) as per Talent Acquisition DOI.

  4. Ensure all new hire paper work is filed in the employee’s personal file; and ensure personnel files are maintained in line with local record retention policies.

  5. Coordinate with TA on background check rescreening of employees as necessary, generally for those in regulated roles or moving from one role to another within the Bank.

  6. Direct Line Managers to work with TA to raise Job Requisitions in PeopleSoft and be familiar with the job watch policy.

  7. Coordinate with Advantage on Non-Employed worker hiring, on-boarding/off-boarding activities, and compliance.

  8. Work with TA and External counsel to update local Offer Contract template and on-boarding templates as needed.

Payroll & Benefits Administration (PRB Delivery owned):

  1. Ensure that employee compensation data is up to date in PeopleSoft;

  2. According to local laws, maintain employee leave records as applicable.

  3. Personnel administration (working schedules, annual vacation controls, leave of absence, employment files);

  4. Execution of Payroll Process:

    • Establish a payroll calendar in line with local regulations and ensure that the monthly payroll and other statutory payments (13th / 14th month salary, Vacation premium etc) are processed on time.

    • Ensure appropriate approvals are in place for all variable inputs (Spot Bonus, Overtime etc.).

    • Ensure all statutory remittances including but not limited to social security, employee tax withholding, employer taxes and other applicable statutory payments, are remitted to the authorities within the statutory deadlines, and tax receipts are checked for accuracy.

    • Ensure all payroll related reconciliations are performed, signed off and filed; and escalate any concerns or issues to PRB Delivery.

    • Update finance with Journal entries for payroll and perform any relevant FCS reconciliation / bank funding account reconciliation on a monthly basis.

    • Forward the payroll file to the HRSSC – PeopleSoft Data Management Team, each month, with a copy to PRB Delivery, for reconciliation with PeopleSoft.

    • Review the analysis report from the HRSSC – PeopleSoft Data Management team, investigate any exceptions in the report, and inform the status to the PeopleSoft Data Management Team, with a copy to PRB Delivery.

    • Ensure that the Payroll process is captured in the Country Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and its tested at least twice a year.

  5. Reward and Compensation (PRB Delivery owned):

    • Where salary increases are mandated by local law, the Office manager must obtain the percentage of increase, from the regulatory body, and work with the CEO, to submit a formal proposal to the Head of PRB Delivery, Americas with a copy to the HR-BP.

Note: The final approval for the application of the increase resides with the Head of PRB Delivery, Americas.

  1. Sharesave – Local Scheme Coordinator (PRB Delivery Owned):

    • Work with the HRSSC Shares Team, to facilitate the launch of the annual Sharesave plan.

    • Ensure that the Monthly Sharesave contributions are deducted from the employee’s payroll, and remitted to Computershare (for Classic scheme) or local bank (for Phantom scheme).

    • Ensure that the Monthly payment report is sent to the HRSSC Shares team, by the end of each month.

Vendor Management – (Owned by Country CEO):

  1. Work together with the concerned HR Product team to manage relationship with third party HR vendors and ensure appropriate Service Level Agreements are signed off and kept on file;

  2. Ensure that all local Service Level Agreements are reviewed /approved by Legal/Compliance/FCC, and outsourcing risk assessments are performed, in line with Group policy.

  3. Regular performance / service review meetings are held with the vendor, and meeting minutes are documented.

Compliance with HR Laws and Regulations – (Owned by all HR Product teams):

  1. Work with relevant HR Product team to review/update the `HR Law Matrix’ which is a compilation of relevant laws and regulations applicable to the Human Resources function, and if necessary, seek help from legal counsel to interpret regulations.

  2. If there are new regulations, update the HR Laws Matrix, and submit a copy, along with legal advice, to the relevant HR Product team;

HR Policy & Procedure – (Owned by all HR Product teams):

  1. Work together with the concerned HR Product team and legal counsel, if required, to update the HR Handbook ;

  2. Escalate all HR Policy breaches to respective HR Product Head and Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP).

HR Risk Management:

  1. Duly escalate HR process risks to the HR Risk Manager and the concerned HR Product Head.

  2. Ensure that the End User Computing (EUC) is kept up to date for HR EUC’s .

  3. Review and update the security matrix (user access list), for each of the HR related vendor websites that are logged in your EUC log, as an Externally Connected Network (ECN), and obtain approval from the Country CEO, on a half yearly basis.

  4. Review and update all Desk Operating Instructions, and obtain sign-off from the Country CEO, and HR Product Head on an annual basis.

  5. Ensure that all reports to regulators/government agencies are filed on time, and the status is updated in the Regulatory Reporting Register.


  1. Interact with all departments in the implementation of Group Health and Safety Management procedures. Contributes to the administration and implementation of the Groups Health and Safety plan aimed at reducing the incidence on accidents within the company.

  2. Ensures company compliance with local country safety legislation, standards, codes of practice and Group H&S requirements.

  3. Co-ordinates the risk assessment action plan.

  4. Co-ordinate first aid personnel including fire wardens & their services, and the provision of first aid emergency equipment

  5. Promotes H&S awareness to employees within the organization;

  6. Co-ordinate the inspection of offices to detect existing or potential accident and health hazards.

  7. Verifies procedures are being followed and recommends corrective or preventative measures where required.

  8. Ensures that appropriate H&S risks are communicated to Group H&S & CORG on a timely manner.

  9. Maintain and implement an up to date Health & Safety Plan meeting quarterly submission dates.

Business Continuity Management(can delegate to Admin Assistant unless stated otherwise)

  1. Responsible for preparation of Country Business Continuity Plan.

  2. Responsible for submission of country information to regional coordinator for regional BIA and regional BCM Plan.

  3. Responsible for country call tree tests.

  4. Responsible for country BCP tests including VPN testing.

  5. Responsible for local compliance with BC regulations and evacuation drills.


  1. It is understood that the IT role of the OM is one of coordinating and facilitating. The OM has no direct responsibility over IT matters that are technical in nature and exceed the OM role.

  2. Main contact for the Regional IT Manager with regard to IT Infrastructure Projects.

  3. Supports negotiation of contracts with associated vendors to meet SCB standards.

  4. Serve as liaison between Regional IT Head and staff to inform of any IT news, developments and projects.

  5. Track and escalate any IT issues/lack of service with Regional IT Officer and country CEO to be able to define actions timely.

Legal & Compliance (cannot delegate)

  1. It is understood that the L&C role of the OM comprises responsibilities on compliance with internal policies and operational external regulations, but not business regulatory compliance which is the responsibility of the Country CEO (e.g. business related reports and relationship with banking regulators).

  2. Keeping a good relationship and ensure compliance with our regulating authorities, including tax and labour entities.

  3. Presenting on time all legal reports to regulators.

  4. Ensuring the thorough compliance with Group Policies.

  5. Provide assurance to the stakeholders that the Group policies and Business Policies & Procedures are adequately embedded and the local regulations are complied with.

  6. Provide support to business in complying with Group policies and standards.

  7. Ensure that all reports to regulators/government agencies are filed on time, and the status is updated in the Regulatory Reporting Register.8 Up Date at time the POA and local delegation (can be delegated to Admin Assistant).

Country Management Forum

    1. Assist and document information for the Management Forum, covering all aspects related to Office Management role.

    2. Attend and participate in all meetings.

    3. Act as secretary, taking notes of the meeting and preparing minutes in a timely manner. Coordinate and schedule meetings.


  • A large part of the overall efficiency of the office is determined by this position and the efficiency in which the role is carried out. It is critical this role counts with a high level of understanding of policies and procedures, Office use of tools, logical thinking and multitasking skills. Excellent communicator to ensure different units understand priorities, the importance of the tasks to be accomplished and deliverables. Administrative thinking, high organization skills and experienced working under stress. Capable of managing with delicacy sensitive and confidential information.

  • Can be graduated as an accountant, economist, administrator, others as long as they have experience in a similar role.

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