Reporting to:

  • QA , Team Lead

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide a sequence of service for all test takers once they have entered their exam through the exam submission and logging out process.
  • Responsible for the service levels and monitoring of all test takers as they complete their exams online.
  • Maintain the integrity of the exam process as committed to with all institution partners.
  • Partners with all operation support teams to further assist test takers and institutions in the event of technical challenges or any other issue that prevents the ability to complete a scheduled exam

Specific Responsibilities:

Monitor the test taker as the exam is taken (40%)

  • Ensure all exam notes and rules are followed as prescribed by the institution and ProctorU.
  • Monitor the test taker to ensure no academic breaches or violation of exam rules take place.
  • Be available to test takers if any questions arise during the proctoring session.

Handle the log-out of test taker exam (30%)

  • Review all exam submission parameters as prescribed by the institution and ProctorU and ensure that they are completed.
  • Witness the completion and submission of exams.
  • Complete close-out procedures and witness the logging out of test takers.

Communicate the details of the proctoring session (15%)

  • Log all notes, observations and any specific details of the session as necessary in the exam schedule program.
  • Report any occurrences that require an incident report to the Quality Control team, as necessary.
  • Notify a manager of all occurrences from a proctored session as required by the institution and ProctorU.

Uphold all standards, policies and laws pertaining to the proctoring function (10%)

  • Follow all standards of performance as required by ProctorU.
  • Follow all policies as defined in the ProctorU Employee Handbook.
  • Uphold the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

Non-essential functions: (5%)

  • Perform other duties, special projects and other responsibilities as assigned by ProctorU leadership.
  • Maintain good working relationships and open lines of communication with all other departments.
  • Ensure a safe, pleasant and comfortable work environment for all test takers and employees.


  • Required strong eye for detail
  • Requires excellent multi-task abilities as all tasks are time-sensitive
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English with customers and employees through all available mediums (verbal, electronic and written). Second language is desirable
  • Ability to be responsive, resources and adept at problem-resolution
  • Ability to achieve positive satisfaction results from customers and employees
  • Flexibility of schedule is strongly preferred


  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Above average customer centric skillset
  • Multitasking
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal
  • Initiative and problem-solving abilities
  • Dependability

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