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At GetCraft, we've built a creative service marketplace where companies can easily connect with the best creative vendors for all their marketing needs. Today, brands can tell the stories they want to tell, publishers can be profitable in digital, and skilled content creators can get fair compensation for the work they do. Our ultimate goal is to help foster a thriving creative and media industry in Southeast Asia & beyond.

Since starting the business four years ago, we’ve quickly grown to approximately 125+ people in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. We also have worked on over 5,000 campaigns for more than 350 brands, grown our network to more than 4,000 creators and have given more than US$10 million back to them.

Come mid-2019, we hope to have completed our Series A and will be looking to further expand into India, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam.

With all this going on, we are looking for an ambitious all-rounder to join our Business Operations team and act as our very own in-house consultant. This position is a great opportunity to accelerate your growth and learning in a fast paced and ever changing environment.

We need a motivated individual that can deal with a diverse and challenging workload that spans across multiple countries. For any aspiring CEOs this is great chance to understand how a company operates and how to manage the various challenges that comes with it.


The everyday tasks of a BizOps team member are hard to predict as they move with the needs of the business, but below are the 3 main areas that Biz Ops focus on.

  • Growth - the team is focussed on big growth, the kind of stuff that adds 10%+ value to the company; from financial models, implementing CRM tools or opening new markets, Biz Ops is expected to cover it all.

  • Optimisation - sometimes we need to take stock and optimise our existing process to ready us for the next stage of growth, the Biz Ops team takes the lead on this.

  • Company Support - sometimes the team just need to jump onto the front line and be that extra pair of hands for any teams that need support.

There is never a shortage of things to work on but as you mature with the business we would expect you to start shaping your own workload as you understand how and when to spot value add opportunities.

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