Job Description

The Role

  • Responsible for managing weekly work-in-progress and meeting with Account Management and Executive Creative Director to discuss priorities for the week
  • Ensure quality control and timely delivery of all relevant documentation and materials across all departments – production, creative and account management
  • Manage allocation of creative work and even distribution of projects throughout the Creative Department ensuring individual workloads are manageable and appropriate
  • Responsible for long-range resource planning and forecasting of creative resource in order to identify any potential resource deficits requiring freelance support, workflow bottle necks or other resource challenges proactively. Oversight and quality assurance of resource planning and management
  • Lead the implementation and adherence to the creative project traffic process including education of new staff and updating of process with existing team members. This includes the management of relevant project management software
  • Implement creative processes, programs and platforms launched, and updates made – ensuring it’s understood and utilised by departments correctly
  • Provide support for HR and ECD in recruitment of creative talent and sourcing of freelancers to fulfil certain project timeline
  • Lead the implementation of McCANN Melbourne’s creative strategies to generate increased use of our services through building brand awareness, image and loyalty
  • Change and risk management surrounding creative project implementation
  • Responsible for preparing reports to communicate creative resource utilization/efficiency, resource planning and job/client profitability
  • Responsible for New creative business pitch planning and delivery management
  • May support ECD and CD as required
  • May support and assist with award coordination

Performance Measures

  • Open line of communication resulting in the smooth running of creative and production processes
  • Positive feedback from Agency and clients on adhering to timelines and implementation of traffic process
  • Quality creative product achieved
  • Appropriate documentation and planning of creative resource requirements minimising stresses on resource
  • Ability to quickly address any workflow or process issues to minimise disruption to overall Agency
  • Leadership of and efficient distribution and management of resource
  • Attitudinal leadership and motivation across agency

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