Role: Organic Growth Lead

Compensation: $20k-$40k/yr USD + equity + benefits; see details at bottom

Benefits: generous paid time off, flexibility, and many other; see details at bottom

About the Company

We are a telemedicine clinic for men, helping them be healthier and live longer.

We’ve grown >100x since Sept 2022 (currently growing >30% MoM) and are strongly cashflow positive. We have expanded our state coverage to >95% of US population, have started to expand our clinical protocol beyond weight (e.g. testosterone), and are eyeing up international expansion. We are growing very quickly.

About the Role

Our client is building a world-class team.

As Organic Growth Lead, you’ll work closely with our Head of Growth & CEO to build low-CAC, long-term-defensible organic channels to power our future growth engine.

You’ll start by executing our highest-promise organic channels. You’ll own team’s creator (influencer) program end-to-end, as well as leading our community/forum-led marketing efforts. You’ll also get your hands dirty doing whatever else is needed in growth.

Over time, you’ll transition to an organic growth scientist, discovering new potential organic channels before rapidly testing the highest-potential ones. Your workflow will be Discover → Test → Optimize → Scale.

In the future, you’ll be on path to own company’s entire organic growth strategy.


  • (Straight away) Execute highest-promise organic channels — You’ll work with our Head of Growth to execute on the two highest-promise organic channels so far.

    • Creators: you’ll test, optimize, scale company’s creator (influencer) program end-to-end.

    • Forum outreach: you’ll engage in forums & communities where potential users are active, starting with Reddit. If we get it working, you’ll build an AI-powered system (with our eng team) to scale your work.

  • (Straight away) Support across the Growth team — You’ll support our Head of Growth to maintain sharp insights and get your hands dirty.

    • Insights: you’ll have regular sales exposure (inc sales calls) to keep your insights sharp.

    • Support: you’ll get your hands dirty doing whatever else is needed in Growth.

  • (In the future) Discover & test new organic channels - You’ll work with our Head of Growth to uncover new low-marginal-CAC, long-term-defensible organic channels.

    • Discover: you’ll research potential new organic channels — those with low competition, high growth potential, low marginal cost. Get imaginative!

    • Test: you’ll quickly test the highest-potential organic channels. You’ll form clear hypotheses, create experiment plans, go execute. If the experiment doesn’t work, great! You’ll quickly move on to the next one.


  • Operating skills:

    • Broad experience: you have 3+ years of relevant experience in Growth/Marketing. You’re very good at early-stage Growth & have the results to show.

    • Learning: you're an autodidact with impressive speed and resourcefulness. You regularly teach yourself the skills you need from scratch.

    • Systems mindset: you think in and build out systems. You drive towards automation where possible. You’re comfortable with no-code tools.

    • Language: you are fluent in English, with excellent communication skills.

  • Cultural skills:

    • Do what is needed — speed is critical and often the solutions we need are messy. You are comfortable moving quickly and taking on gritty work.

    • End-to-end ownership — you are comfortable owning projects from noticing the problem to delivering the outcome.

    • Dedication to excellence — you are obsessed with your role, with a commitment to compounding self-improvement.

    • Belief in the mission — we will have helped 1 million users by the end 2026 and we transform the life of most users who join. We have a lot of work to do. You are obsessed with our users and are dedicated to the mission.

    • Commitment to candor — we believe in open communication and transparency. You are a clear & caring communicator, welcoming feedback.


  • Operating skills:

    • Specific experience: you likely have direct experience in creator (influencer) marketing or community/forum-led marketing. Maybe executing the work, and ideally leading the work.

    • Scientist: you probably hate unfounded assumptions. You’re weirdly comfortable analyzing something from first principles, testing your hypothesis, then coming to a different conclusion. Others call it “thinking outside the box” — but to you it just makes sense.

    • Complexity: you're likely highly organized and can complete multiple projects concurrently.

    • Mindset: you ideally calmly handle uncertainty and rapidly changing situations.

    • Past: you've been pulled into important problems, taken risks, and excelled in new areas. You've likely created something from nothing, however small.

    • Future: you may want to start your own company in the future.

  • Cultural skills:

    • Seeing systems — you recognize the system that produces the outcome and focus on improving the system to fix the underlying cause.

    • Positive-sum thinking — you think in terms of collaboration not competition.

    • Managing yourself — you own your schedule, your habits, your happiness, your life. Your team members help you flourish, but the eventual responsibility lies with you.


  • Compensation: $20k-$40k/yr total compensation (salary + equity)

  • Vacation: generous PTO with a yearly minimum (>2wks/yr)

  • Remote: our team is fully distributed across the world and functions fully remotely

  • Healthcare: comprehensive medical insurance ($500/yr)

  • Personal development: budget for books, courses, coaching ($400/yr)

  • Personal wellness: budget for gym, health apps ($400/yr)

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Organic Growth Lead

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