Population and Sustainable Development Policy Adviser (Re-advertisement)

United Nation Population Fund (Bangkok, ราชอาณาจักรไทย) ประกาศเมื่อ 3 วันที่ผ่านมา



This post is rotational.

Duration: One year (renewable)[i]

Position Summary: 

The Population and Sustainable Development Policy (PSDP) Adviser post is located in the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) of UNFPA, and is under the overall supervision of the Regional Director and reports directly to the Deputy Regional Director. S/he is the principal adviser at the regional level for evidence based advocacy and policy dialogue/advice in the area of population dynamics and its implications for sustainable development. S/he works in an integrated manner with the technical, operations, programme and communications staff in the APRO.

UNFPA is charged with supporting the implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action, a touchstone in the paradigm shift of development that mandated the protection and fulfilment of human rights, including sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights (SRHR) for all, especially women and adolescents. While considerable progress has been made since 1994 in reducing maternal mortality and improving gender equity in some aspects, many issues remain to be addressed, particularly in light of enormous economic, social and demographic changes. The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda calls for a life of dignity for all, through development pathways that integrate the economic, social and environmental aspects of life. The collection, analysis and use of population data are fundamental for this endeavor, especially in realizing the SDG imperative to ‘leave no one behind.’

The PSDP Advisor will work with the APRO, Country Offices and UNFPA HQs technical advisors to formulate and generate strategic UNFPA contributions toward advancing ICPD and 2030 agendas in the Asia Pacific Region, particularly focusing on incorporating population issues into environmental, economic and social policies.

Focusing on evidence-based advocacy and policy dialogue/advice, capacity development and knowledge management, the new regional programme will ensure business continuity while using innovative approaches/strategies to address the set priorities in the organization’s Strategic Plan and Business Model. People-centred development demands the realization of sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, the equality and empowerment of women and young people and their active participation in societies, and policies informed by a systematic analysis of population dynamics and its implications for sustainable development.

The PSDP Adviser provides strategic technical and programmatic leadership for the region in the area of expertise to ensure that APRO and the UNFPA Country Offices in the region play a leadership role in advancing the ICPD and 2030 agendas in accordance with the Fund’s policies, as well as current thinking and academic advances. S/he maintains primary responsibility for coordination of provision of technical assistance and policy and programme support to the countries of the region in the area of technical expertise. S/he analyses regional as well as specific sub-regional trends and contributes to strategic action in response of these as well as to the monitoring of UNFPA substantive areas being firmly placed within national development frameworks and programmes, including the achievement of Agenda 2030.

Responsibilities of the Population and Sustainable Development Policy Adviser include: to support the elaboration of the UNFPA Strategic plan in the region; to identify new and emerging needs in the area of evidence-based advocacy and policy dialogue, providing guidance and support to identify the impact of population dynamics in public policies and investments; to establish clear links between investments in reproductive and sexual health and reproductive rights, education, young people and the reduction of poverty, and maintain technical partnerships in the region; to coordinate and provide leadership to regional efforts around evidence, knowledge and innovation; and, to ensure that technical knowledge is updated, generated, and disseminated for effective technical, capacity building and policy dialogue.

Requirements and Qualifications:


Advanced degree in Economic Demography and/or Economics with Demography, or other fields directly related to the substantive area.

Knowledge and Experience:

• 10 years of increasingly responsible professional experience in the substantive area,  with emphasis in the linkages between population, economic and social policies and environmental sustainability of which seven years at the international level;

• Demonstrated expertise in the substantive area of work; and programme experience;

• Strong track record of technical leadership, and proven ability to produce demonstrable results;

• Strong verbal and written communications skills, especially for transfer of knowledge;

• Demonstrated ability to network within the academic and development community;

• Familiarity with management and monitoring tools is desirable;

• Familiarity with ICT/ERP is an asset;

• Field experience is strongly desirable.

Languages:  Fluency in oral and written English is required. Working knowledge of French and/or Portuguese is an asset.

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United Nation Population Fund ประกาศเมื่อ 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
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Population and Sustainable Development Policy Adviser (Re-advertisement)

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