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The incumbent will be acting as the Branch Risk Manager for the BNY Mellon SA/NV Frankfurt Branch. The incumbent will be charged with the anticipation, identification, measurement, monitoring, control and reporting of all risks to which this Branch is or may be exposed. The role is to assist the authorised management in limiting risks within the risk appetite, and ensuring risks are properly managed.
The Risk Officer of the BNYM SA/NV, Frankfurt Branch is in charge of risk oversight of the various activities covering all risk categories the branch is exposed to.

Key responsibilities

1. The Branch Risk Manager shall ensure that the reporting of risks is compatible with the risk appetite, strategies, activities and organisational and operational structure of the parent Entities.
2. The Branch Risk Manager shall ensure that the authorised management receives a comprehensive, objective and relevant overview of the risks to which the Branches are or may be exposed. It shall also include an assessment as regards the adequacy between the risks incurred and the strategies laid down by the board of directors, in particular regarding the risk tolerance.
3. The Branch Risk Manager shall ensure that the terminology, methods and technical resources used for the risk anticipation, identification, measurement, reporting, management and monitoring are consistent and effective.
4. The Branch Risk Manager shall strive to anticipate and recognise the risks arising in a changing environment. In this respect, it shall also monitor the implementation of the changes in the activities in order to guarantee that the risks relating thereto remain controlled.
5. The line of business owns the risks and the Risk Manager will ensure that risks are effectively managed and BNY Mellon policies are implemented throughout the above groups.
6. The Risk Manager has ownership of Branch risk management forums and escalation obligations and will participate in Regulatory issues as required.

Interactions with the BNY Mellon SA/NV Head-Office

• Provides accurate and timely risk reporting on a monthly basis to BNYM SANV CRO/LERO and the Branch Management, including emerging risks and top risks of the branch.
• Coordinates local contribution to any part of the Risk Management Framework (including ICAAP, HLA, Operational risk scenarios …).
• Contributes to the SA/NV Risk Management Committee and any relevant cross-Branch governance body to ensure optimal communication stream.
• Contributes to SA/NV Risk Assessments. The BNYM SA/NV Frankfurt Branch Risk Officer reviews and challenges risk assessments prepared by 1LOD related to new business requests, new or modified products and/or business process changes in line with BNYM and SA/NV Risk Management policies and procedures to ensure adequate identification and assessment of risks, related controls and required risk mitigation where appropriate.

Asset Servicing Responsibilities:
• Work closely with line of business management to understand the business, identify risk issues, and promote solutions to manage risks. Participate in appropriate business/project meetings and processes.
• Promote a strong risk awareness culture within the EMEA Asset Servicing line of business.
• Identify material risks, assess the effectiveness of control design, and ensure that control gaps are closed.
• Support the Asset Servicing business with client visits and due diligence requests.
• Develop and implement standards and policies appropriate for the business that conform to the principles and policies established by Risk Management.
• Elevate, report and investigate errors, losses and near misses, identifying the root causes and overseeing the implementation of corrective actions.
• Assess emerging risks, including those related to new client take-on, new products or significant process / business changes and propose effective solutions impacting on Asset Servicing.
• Reviewing key indicators for coverage and effectiveness, identifying root causes for red and amber conditions and ensuring implementation of corrective actions.
• Ensure that processes, risks, and controls are continually reassessed for appropriateness and completeness.
• Attend business, risk and governance committees relating to EMEA Asset Servicing and as required by the Senior Risk Manager covering the wider business functions and legal entities.
• Work with the line of business to ensure that all Risk Events are comprehensively captured in the Risk Management Platform, linked to the relevant G/L postings, and closed in a timely manner.
• Assist the Senior Risk Manager and LOB management in meeting the Basel requirements of the Group or locally licensed banking entities.
• Production of routine risk reporting for senior management and governance committees compiling management information, and adding quantitative/qualitative risk analysis.
• Provide reporting to, and respond to requests from Senior Risk Management, as it relates to the oversight of Asset Servicing activities and implementation of the risk management framework for Asset Servicing in the region.

Additional Responsibilities

Work with the SA/NV Risk Management team, Business Management and Corporate Risk to:
• Act as the key function Head of Risk Management for all risk related issues for the Frankfurt Branch of BNYM SA/NV.
• Provide oversight, challenge and guidance to influence the management of risk.
• Ensure a mechanism exists to report on the risk assessment and monitoring activities undertaken (including escalation of Significant issues) to the relevant Governance body incl. the line of business and the risk management sector.
• Monitor compliance with risk appetite metrics cascaded to the branches, and the proper application of the escalation procedure provided for in case of breach. Ensure that the breaches are remedied as soon as possible.
• Assist management with integrating risk management with the strategy development process.
• Provide a comprehensive view of Branch risks (including credit, market, strategic, reputation risk, etc.) - working closely with the regional/group Credit and Market risk teams and the line of business risk managers across relevant businesses.
• Co chair / Secretary of the local Branch risk Forum/Council if applicable
• Production of risk management documentation for the Branch in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements
• Audit liaison with external auditors for risk management items.
• Work closely with Compliance to ensure Branches meet the regulatory requirements relating to risk issues.
• Assist with client facing requests as may be required.
• Ensure the above lines of business comply with Corporate Risk Policy.
• Work closely with line of business Management to understand the business, identify risk issues, and promote solutions to manage risks.
• Ensure that risk identification and assessment techniques are in place and maintained (both high level and granular assessments).
• Ensure that appropriate risk monitoring is in place, maintained and challenged and that trends are identified appropriate actions are being taken and escalated where appropriate.
• Participate in appropriate business meetings / committees and processes to identify opportunities to improve risk mitigants / controls and reduce risk.
• Assess emerging risks, including those related to new client take-on, new products or significant process / business changes and propose effective solutions.
• Promote a strong risk awareness culture.



• Contribute to the effective governance of the EMEA region. Play an active role in regional committees and local boards, offering constructive challenge and helping to support the Committee/Board fulfil its role and responsibilities for those they are a member.  Where the job holder acts as a Chair of a Board/Committee, ensure the Board/Committee is effective in all aspects of its role, facilitate and encourage informed and constructive debate on key issues and ensure that members receive relevant  management information in an accurate, timely and clear form

• Help to ensure that a strong governance culture is embedded within the region, that issues are escalated and cascaded appropriately and that key risks are identified, discussed and mitigated.

• Build a good understanding of the EMEA governance framework, including escalation requirements, and ensure there is clear, appropriate and evidenced apportionment of responsibilities amongst staff members for whom the job holder has management responsibility.

• The incumbent is responsible in respect of the oversight of functions outsourced from Luxembourg, together with reporting and escalation to the Authorised Management (Country Executive) where necessary;

• In this respect there is a reporting line to the Authorised Management to ensure that any potential conflict of interest is mitigated and to ensure escalation of issues are identified.

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:   Risk

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Principal, Enterprise Risk

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