GA Procurement Officer

PT Merah Cipta Media (Jakarta JK, Indonesia) 8 days ago
  • Good in estimating & establishing costs parameters and budgets for purchases.
  • Capability in maintaining accurate records of purchases and pricing and other important data is a must.
  • Good in administration and documentation (forms, vouchers, etc)
  • Review and analyze all vendors/suppliers, supply and price options.
  • Negotiate the best deal for pricing as well as establish and administer supply contracts.
  • Ensure the products/services procured at the optimal and high quality performance
  • Develops plan and maintain purchasing and general services process on schedule (eg: equipment maintenance, services & supplies)
  • Create and maintain inventory of all in/out coming and balances
  • Maintain and update list of suppliers/vendors with their qualification in products/services provided and delivery times.
  • Working with team members and supervisor to complete duties as needed
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