Administrative and Procurement Specialist (Juba) – (A3-SEED – “Triple A-SEED

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  1. Justification and context

The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is starting a new seed sector development project in South Sudan in December 2020. The “Accelerating Agriculture and Agribusiness in South Sudan for Enhanced Economic Development Project” (A3-SEED) will provide market-oriented interventions to support the establishment of a commercial, sustainable, and adaptive agriculture sector in South Sudan. The project will ensure the availability of improved seed down to the last-mile through agri-entrepreneurship and support existing private sector seed companies to improve seed and input marketing, distribution and production practices. A3-SEED seeks to reach more than 100,000 farming households, double incomes from marketable surpluses, increase farmer yields by 20-50% on target commodities, facilitate the development of 100 agro-dealers as well as 200 women-owned and 200 youth-led businesses, and bring 42,000 ha of farmland under agroecological production. The project will support the emergence of individual commercial seed producers, who produce for the local market, as outgrower for a seed company, or both. The anticipated project will be implemented in collaboration with KIT, Royal Tropical Institute with funding from the Netherlands Embassy.

The project will support commercialization of the seed sector through the following four Result Areas (RAs):

  1. Commercial Quality Seed Production focuses on ensuring efficient, high quality and economically viable seed production, sales and distribution tailored for market-oriented smallholder farmers;
  2. Quality Seed Use, Good Agricultural Practices and climate resilient farming practices among smallholder farmers results from tailored sales and distribution strategies provided by seed companies and commercial seed producers;
  3. Quality Seed, Input and Output Marketing and Distribution through the establishment of last-mile input distribution and effective seed, input and output market relationships which improve local competitiveness through agribusiness development, women empowerment, and youth employment;
  4. Learning and Capacity Development supports the above result areas together with targeted research to address bottlenecks, support adaptive project management and advance knowledge on seed sector development.

IFDC is seeking recruitment for an A3-SEED Administrative and Procurement Specialist (Juba) to be based in Juba and will conduct administrative functions under the direction of the NAFO including human resources will be supported by the Administrative and Procurement Specialist. The position will manage project procurement of materials, goods/services, and other resources as well as be responsible for project fleet/vehicle management.

  1. Functions and Responsibilities of the Administrative and Procurement Specialist

Logistics and Travel:

  • Organize and coordinate all logistics and travels for South Sudan office and offices whose administration is coordinated in Juba office (staff and guests) such as accommodation, visas and other travel documents and transport within and outside the country.
  • Assist the NAFO in organizing office events such as; team building, end of year parties, social visits.
  • Assist the NAFO in management of the office drivers, ensure proper usage of vehicles, and fuel by scheduling and, ensuring that there is ready and organized transport when needed to meet programmatic and operational needs by maintaining vehicle daily movement board;
  • Ensuring that records, including regular service, maintenance, repairs and mileage overviews, are kept for all the cars and ensure that vehicle logbooks are maintained;
  • Ensuring that security incident reports are completed and filed (if related to vehicles);
  • Directly coordinates activities of office cleaning staff & gardener
  • Writes justifications for vendor selection per IFDC guidelines and files them with corresponding work orders.
  • Submits requests for lease and contract payments to the Finance in a timely manner


  • Establish the procurement plan in accordance with office and staff needs and requests;
  • In consistent application of donor and IFDC Operations policies and procedures, manage procurement process prudently and effectively ensuring timely approvals as per policy;
  • Maintains procurement tracker on a monthly basis and, monitor the timely payment of supplier and service providers invoices, ensuring all the supporting documents are in place and that the services/goods were to the users satisfaction;
  • Manage all office supplies/ inventory regularly and ensure adequacy of the same,
  • Maintain an up-to-date IFDC Assets register while seeking approvals for any disposals.
  • Manage allocation of IFDC owned laptops, mobile phones (if any), data modems etc.
  • Ensuring that drivers track renewal of insurance and licenses for IFDC-owned vehicles and instigate the procedure for getting documents renewed in a timely manner;
  • Ensuring general office cleanliness to ensure a safe and clean working environment;
  • Managing annual service/vendor contracts while updating vendors when need arises,
  • Ensure all IT support needs and requirements for staff are provided effectively and efficiently through the outsourced IT support and in collaboration with HQ IT support;
  • National staff monthly Timesheet reminders and submitting to the NAFO and Finance Officer by 2nd of following month;
  • Numbering of all RTs and disseminating to the Finance office for processing;
  • Ensure safety and security standards are in place on all IFDC premises;
  • Ensure full coverage at the office front desk
  • Ensure general smooth administration operations and any other task from time to time.
  • Coordinates hotel room reservations for IFDC staff and visitors, conferencing and banqueting.
  • Ensures all hotels bills are paid in a timely manner
  • Stand in for the Administrative Assistant in charge of ticketing and procurement in case of absence
  • Tracks office supply inventory and prepares supply orders
  • Assist in the organization of workshops, training as well as conferences and purchase of tickets and make hotel arrangements for local and international staff and participants.

Protocol Affairs

  • Protocol – Liase with RoSS Ministries to ensure that government related documents/requirements like work permits, visa and licenses for international permanent staff are obtained timely as required by South Sudanese law.
  • Establish the procurement plan in accordance with office and staff needs and requests.
  • In consistent application of donor and IFDC policies and procedures, outsource, manage and process procurement requests. Source for competitive quotes from suppliers and service providers. Prepare purchase documents (requisitions, Purchase orders, sole sourcing memos, contracts, goods/ services receipt note…) and ensure timely approval from the National office, Division office and HQ.
  • Ensure that the goods and services are received in respect of terms and conditions agreed in LPOs and contracts as well
  • In collaboration with accounting department, monitor the timely payment of supplier and service providers invoices, ensuring all the supporting documents are in place and that the services/goods were to the users satisfaction
  • Provide logistical support; Travel and ticketing, hotel bookings, and transfers.
  • Field workshops and conferences: support to South Sudan office, offices whose administration is coordinated in Nairobi office in holding of national and regional workshops, seminars meetings and trainings. This includes accommodation, transport, distribution of fees; participant’s guidance, etc. Provide the same assistance to other office when required
  • support to South Sudan office, offices whose administration is coordinated in Nairobi office in holding of national and regional workshops, seminars meetings and trainings. This includes accommodation, transport, distribution of fees; participant’s guidance, etc. Provide the same assistance to other office when required.
  • Provide visa information and coordinate visa application for IFDC staff and visitors.
  • Protocol - Liaise with MoFAIC, to assist international permanent staff in acquiring residence and work permits as required by the South Sudan law
  • Preparation of exemption requests, vehicle registrations and de-registrations, port clearance requests on the relevant government portals, as well as act as the office representative in the protocol liaison platforms, ensuring that all the MoFAIC communication to the organization is handled and disseminated to the concerned office management team
  • Oversee the management vehicle pool and fueling by scheduling and, ensuring that there is ready and organized transport when needed.
  • Liaise with the drivers for scheduling vehicle servicing, inspection and repairs
  • Train new and existing staff on procurement policies
  • Recommending to the DDO areas for improvement or refinement in the procurement process according to changes in way of doing business and laws in South Sudan.

Training & Events

  • Scope and evaluate location and venues for IFDC training events with the help of the relevant program officers in the relevant hub.
  • Negotiate rates with hotel and vendors, liaise with vendors regarding payment
  • Organize and ensure training materials and presentations meet quality standards to ensure the training materials meet IFDC Design specs
  • Work with the HQ finance and IT team in the set-up of online registration through event management software including payment methods that align with registration.
  • Printing and preparation of training materials and Program merchandise; e.g. flash drives, pens, bags, t-shirts, caps, program booklets, name tags, table tents, banners etc.
  • Maintaining training program files and database, maintaining and updating the list of training materials , coordinating the re-fresh and updating of training materials from IFDC staff and partners and speakers
  • Ensure that presentations and received and loaded on the master drive well in order and timely, before the event commences
  • Arrange and coordinate transport, accommodation, per diem, for the key speakers, facilitators and sponsored participants
  • Work with the key program leads in preparation and coordination of field visits during the training
  • Guide the attendees on on-site logistics
  • Compiling the training evaluation forms filled out by participants and identifying opportunity areas for improvement
  • Any additional duties related to training

Human Resources

  • Perform HR functions including staff contracts, staff file management, and management of appraisal
  • Perform any other duties deemed necessary and requested by the supervisors.

  1. Reporting Relationships

Reports to the A3-SEED National Administrative and Finance Officer (NAFO) on all aspects related to the A3-SEED Project in South Sudan.

Required Skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills with ability to express ideas clearly, logically and effectively.
  • Excellent attention to detail, strong project management skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently, manage multiple complex tasks, take initiatives and maintain composure under demanding conditions.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with donors, private sector and other stakeholders
  • Strong computer skills with experience in MS office software and internet;
  • Ability to communicate in a second/third national language would be an advantage;
  • Ability to work and travel in South Sudan and the region;
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary and international environment;
  • This position is open to qualified South Sudanese nationals only.

Required Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Commerce, Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management or other related field. A Masters degree (MBA) will be an added advantage.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience in procurement, supply management, administration, asset and inventory management, building management, security procedures, and vehicle management in an International organization.
  • Demonstrated experience in leadership role, excellent people management and ability to select, train, motivate, and inspire staff while holding them accountable for their performance
  • Ability to work effectively as a team leader and collaboratively as part of a team and a desire to achieve, and lead others toward excellence
  • A minimum of three years’ experience using logistics, procurement or supply chain management software
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Administrative and Procurement Specialist (Juba) – (A3-SEED – “Triple A-SEED

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