Product Designer (UX / UI)

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We are growing quickly, and as a result we’re looking for experienced Product Designers to hit the ground running - in other words, you must already be familiar with the responsibilities and expectations of the role.

You will join a team of 7 led by our CPO (including a product designer).

Here are the key skills we are looking for:

● Well-organized, reliable and easy to work with

● Open to criticism and able to quickly adapt to feedback

● Able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment (technical, business, etc.)

● And focused on delivering value to our users as fast as possible.

DM is a great place to work, and as a Product Designer here you will thrive because:

● We are really close to our users: patients, doctors and their staff, as well as our internal users.

● Your ideas will be heard! Our culture promotes initiatives and ownership and we recognize


● It is OK to fail, as long as you learn from your mistakes

● Everyone will do their best to help you develop your skills -we know you can't know everything.

● Huge potential for collaboration: researchers, doctors, customer lovers (customer success

managers), business developers, trainers, data analysts, testers, regulatory angels, teams of

developers and of course customers!

● At our headquarters in Paris, we have a lot of languages and cultures and this is awesome,

chouette, geil, fantástico, perfetto, geweldig and even 很酷.

Your responsibilities:

● Design simple flows and elegant UI experiences.

● Create clean wireframes, high-fidelity mockups & prototypes.

● Conduct user and product research, such as interviews, observations, persona to validate

hypotheses and collect feedback.

● Work iteratively with engineering teams and users to ensure a high-quality implementation and

user experience.

It is even better if you are interested in clinical topics or have had healthcare-related experience.

We do not expect you to be knowledgeable in orthodontics or in AI… but we highly recommend you

start to learn the basics!

We are looking for someone who is:

● Experienced as a Product Designer: we are looking for 5 years or more.

● Fluent with Figma or Sketch

● Not afraid to see a loooot of teeth, gums and cheeks... but also nice smiles!

● Curious about everything.

● Tech-savvy and knows how to use a computer.

● Happiest when managing multiple projects simultaneously.

● Full of ideas.

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Product Designer (UX / UI)

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