Job Description

At Zone we believe that product design plays a critical role in delivering successful products and services to market, for the people who will use them and the organisations that want to deliver them.

To do this you will need to apply a careful balance of in-market validation, ideation, interaction design and measurement, together with a combination of iterative design practices, startup methodologies and Zone’s own lean-Agile delivery approach.

As a senior product designer you will be responsible for guiding team members and stakeholders, inspiring and motivating buy-in and ensuring that decisions along the way are informed by the right insights that will help achieve product-market fit. You will work across a range of clients, from those attempting to disrupt the market with new products and services to those driving optimisation and innovation across existing ones.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Defining and delivering user-centred products and services end-to-end, from unvalidated concepts through to delivery into market (and beyond), applying user-centred design thinking together with lean-Agile delivery methods to do so
  • Breaking down design concepts into their most valuable parts, understanding human needs, gathering and validating hypotheses to drive design decisions, sketching concepts and interactions, prototyping, writing user stories and acceptance criteria, and continuing to inform overall priorities around what should be made and why
  • Ensuring designed solutions are market ready with respect to addressing user needs, alignment with brand and relevant underlying technologies
  • Planning and facilitating user research activities and co-creation workshops, involving the relevant audience groups, stakeholders and team as appropriate
  • Forming close relationships and earning trust with stakeholders, utilising regular presentations to ensure their vision and desired outcomes are being achieved, alongside other senior and lead level members of the team


  • Play a key part in formulating a market and tech-viable proposition, vision and strategy, while inspiring stakeholders to buy-in, working together with the team
  • Have solid prototyping skills at various speeds and levels of fidelity using tools such as Figma, Sketch, Principle, FramerX etc
  • Apply a keen sense of appreciation and practice around interaction design, the role of content design, design systems and build-measure-learn type approaches
  • Think beyond how something looks to how it should achieve business goals, behave and the functional implications
  • Understand what success looks like, what to measure to ensure the effectiveness of what is being designed, while setting specific targets to track, from which to learn base future iterations of the product or service upon
  • Support the team and Product Owner in understanding what it takes to achieve product-market fit, gain traction and grow an active user base, while managing underlying risks and responsibilities along the way
  • Apply lean techniques across everything you do, including methodology, process and documentation to name a few
  • Be naturally curious about how people behave, new technologies and design practices
  • Be a strong communicator and presenter who naturally is able to make complicated ideas simple and easy to understand across a range of audiences
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