Job Description

The Johnson and Johnson
EMEA Development Centre (EDC) are currently seeking a Product Development
Manager to lead our teams. We develop, design and deliver high quality business
applications, software solutions and services to meet J&J business
technology requirements.
The successful candidate
will be an experienced SME within Digital Technology Development with a
successful track record in leading large, cross functional teams, in complex
multi-disciplinary environment.
The successful candidate will have previous
experience of entire Software lifecycle management process plus people
management while also key experience of interacting with technology leaders
close to C level.
The offices are designed
specifically to accommodate Scrum development and are based on the University
of Limerick Campus. It is an open and highly collaborative environment based on
LEAN principles with a strong emphasis on continuous integration, automated
testing and continuous delivery.

Leading large cross functional teams in Web, Mobile, Salesforce and Workday
Understand the development team members, our Agile / Lean ways of working to
facilitate the introduction of Continuous Improvement based solutions into
Product Development Process.
Work collaboratively with Program Managers and Software Development Managers to
identify the required skill sets and resources needed to deliver our Software
As primary culture champion, ensure that the EDC values remain strong as we
Create a learning environment and encourage meaningful growth by empowering
development team members to take ownership of their development.
Facilitate and support Talent and Career Development of Development Team
Facilitate the journey from hiring, onboarding, engagement and growth of new
Foster Graduates who will join the Teams; their needs and how their chosen
discipline evolves.
Facilitate and support tech talks and Communities of Practice across the teams
to promote knowledge share and awareness.
Manage how we shape and scale our culture to ensure our key values remain at
the core of how we deliver, giving people and teams purpose, meaning and
Responsible for conducting an iterative approach to performance management,
supporting all levels of leadership within the development teams to ensure
Assist teams to enhance delivery processes, ensuring continuous learning,
exchange of ideas, information and knowledge, supporting common practices
through facilitating and encouraging community workshops.
Support the creation of a scalable structure and environment, building a
network around collaborative teams and motivated people.
Offer clarity and guidance, work with teams to identify any knowledge and
skills gaps and build strategies to take action.
Identifying and recommending new approaches to ensure we drive autonomy,
mastery and purpose.
Respond to individual aspirations and goals rather than following prescribed
career plans.
Develop and establish inspiring methods to stimulate and boost meaningful
employee growth and learning.
Sponsor contractors and facilitate the integration and harmonisation of their
skills into the development teams

Strong experience shaping and supporting a strong culture within a rapidly
growing Agile organisations.
A deep first-hand understanding of how effective culture and employee growth
initiatives work as organisations scale.
A creative and effective history of building unique initiatives for employee
learning and development.
A proven self-starter with lots of initiative and creativity.
Be courageous in considering latest thinking and try out new approaches.
Care about the happiness, health and welfare of your people.
Ability to identify issues impeding teams and individual growth and a sense for
how to fix those problems.
Capability to bring Agile & Lean principles and practices to our people
Apply continuous feedback and relentless improvement.
Outstanding interpersonal skills with ability to thrive in a rapidly evolving
Previous experience running large complex multi-disciplinary team.
Finance operations oversight of project and software engineering teams.

Possesses strong understanding of Agile development methodologies, specifically Scrum and Kanban.
Leadership and people management.
Operational Management.

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