Daimler Truck AG group is the leader in the global automotive industry with more than 120 years of experience in 200 countries.
Our people reflect the company values: Passion, Respect, Integrity and Discipline; we are looking for engaged individuals to join this diverse group, which manages ever-changing challenges.

Daimler Truck, a leading and pioneering group worldwide in the automotive industry with more than 120 years and presence in more than 200 countries. In Mexico it has the divisions of: Daimler Truck, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services.
In our people we can reflect our corporate values: Passion, Respect, Integrity and Discipline and we are looking for highly committed people to join the group in an environment of diversity and constant challenges.

Objective of the position:

Dynamic, highly motivated Product Analyst who support new price positions and strategic projects in Mexico to seek innovative ways to keep our mobility solutions at the heart of the customer experience.

In this role the Analyst will drive successful product price positioning, comprehensive business, and market analytics, as well as closely working with all stakeholders to develop and support product solutions generation initiatives and strategic projects. In addition, the Analyst will support the definition and communications of region-unique requirements for future mobility solutions while developing highly effective working relationships with multiple partners both in Mexico and DT.

The Analyst must create a strong passion for DT products and be an authentic fan of Daimler Truck products, a solid understanding of our products as well as to uncover customer insights that help inform business decisions.

Recruiter: Alejandro Mier
Hiring Manager: Fernando Mar

Indispensable Requirements (Candidates who do not meet these requirements may be discarded):

  • New projects development
  • Strategic Product thinking
  • New Product Strategy
  • Market and Data insights
  • Knowledge of Truck Industry

Soft Skills:

  • Decision making
  • Effective communication
  • Planning and organization
  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Influence and negotiation
  • Project management

Academic Knowledge: Mechanical, Electric, Electronic, Mechatronic or Industrial Engineering, Administration, Finance, Marketing and/or any other related career.

Location: Santa Fe.

Work Location Opportunity

Daimler Trucks AG is firmly committed to developing a work environment that supports empowerment and inclusion for our current and future employees. We recognize that our ability to adapt will enable us to compete for a broader range of talent. Additionally, our business and the people who work within it will be successful and profitable if we remain agile and flexible in our approach to work.

To continue to build a great place to work for all, we are committed to a culture that supports flexibility and encourages a positive working environment that achieves the needs of our business and employees.

Diversity allows us to employ people with different experiences, abilities and points of view, and that is what enhances our culture and brings us to the forefront among the top global companies.

At Daimler, we value the diversity between our employees.

In order to enrich the culture, Daimler acknowledges the importance of including people with different points of view and lifestyles into our company. When we select our talent, we focus on abilities; we don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, age, disability, social condition, health, religion, immigrant status, opinions, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, marital status, university or appearance.

Exceed your expectations and get ready to be part of our team!

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