Production Supervisor

Cargill (Philippines, Philippines) 29 days ago
Responsible for sustaining an optimally stable, efficient, and reliable production operation. Ensures customer’s requirement are meet at the least cost possible,  secures a safe working environment at the ground floor, conscientiously implements food safety protocols every shift, and promotes continuos improvement by example.

·         Supervises production operator’s activities and ensures plant equipments and machineries are fully utilized to its rated capacity to attain and sustain the desired efficiencies every shift.

·         Ensures crush rate, RO, and MC in cakes are within the required measurement in his shift.

·         Assist the production operators in finding immediate solutions to operational aberrations.

·         Proactively encourage all direct reports to embrace and be involed in the continuing innovation journey towards an efficient, reliable, and stable plant operation through idea generation, submission, and implementation.

·         Facilitates the IDEX mtg or the tool box meetings during the shift to cascade to his team the changes, to address operational concerns, and to remind his team to focus on   the KPIs.

·         Escalate to management team vital operational and safety concerns during the daily OPEX mtg.

·         Actively promotes and leads in the ACI direction and   implementation.

·         Monitor and enforce the right occupational safety practices such as in the immediate correction of unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, SIF related incidents, SIF potential issues, training attendance, and reporting such in the ENABLON portal.

·         To be in charge of plant safety during night time shift, during holidays and Sundays when the plant management superiors are not around.

·         To immediately inform both APM and PM during emergencies and EDTs that exceeds 2 hours.

Engage all crew in ensuring that the food safety practice is religiously practiced and any deviations are immediately addressed and reported to prevent recurrence.

·         Develop and groom possible talents (for higher responsibilities) from among his direct reports.

·         Supervise and monitor  all production crew in the shift, including contract workers.

·         To coordinate and assist Terminal operation during night shift if need be.

·         Set up KPI, PMP assessment and development plan of the assigned crew and to give timely feedback when required for the other crew.

·         Profusely recognise good behavior but likewise firm in enforcing disciplinary action for any infractions.

·         Resolve concerns, conflicts, or frictions among crew during the shift.

·         Frequently review and relearn with his team the guiding principles, relevant practices, SOPs, and the GMPs to ensure quality and food safety culture.

·          Guide new staff based on job descriptions and current operating procedures

·       Maintains close coordination with other support departments (i.e. maintenance, QC, terminal, & HR).

·       Ensures that oil and meal quality (i.e. MC, FFA, Color) and volume meets customer’s requirement.

I ·       mplements and lead by example the “Cargill Food Safety and EHS practices” in his daily routines.

·       Performs other related duties as may be assigned. 

Required Qualifications

· Engineering graduate and engineer would be an advantage but not limited to.

· At least 3 years supervisory exposure/experience in the manufacturing industry.

· Must be computer literate and working background in root cause analysis.

· At least two years experience in copra milling operation.

Preferred Qualifications

· Good communication skill and above average skill in written and spoken English

· Hands on experience on food safety or occupational safety practices is an advantage.

· Knowledgeable in people management, mechanical and electrical system, and safety management in a manufacturing plant operation.

· Analytical thinking, could make fact-based decision, food safety and ehs champion

· Driver/champion of continuous improvement