Senior Programming Consultant

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Job Profile – Senior Programming Consultant


Build high performing teams by developing, mentoring, and retaining engaged, high performing staff to support programming and corporate strategic objectives.  This position will specifically work with consulting clients and drive towards insourcing targets.

Overall Objectives

  • Effectively utilize all your resources to ensure success of the POD initiative
    • Ensure balanced workload across the team to ensure client deliverables and timelines are met or exceeded
  • Meet or exceed business objectives by setting high standards and clear expectations for our teams
  • Proactively work to assist others in achieving the organization’s objectives
  • Build great client relationships; by ensuring yourself and the team produces the highest quality and timely work
    • Be a Programming Guru, always program with the highest quality and productivity standards
    • Offer the best solutions to internal and external stakeholders, while acting like an owner and protecting the company’s and employee’s interests
    • Be knowledgeable and able to discuss our products and technology to clients
    • Project confidence to stakeholders (internal and external)
    • Identify opportunities to recommend value-added services streams
    • Raise to SP Management, knowledge gaps in other teams (programming and other departments) to ensure high levels of service to our clients
  • Effectively utilize all your resources to ensure success of the POD initiative
    • Ensure balanced workload across the team to ensure client deliverables and timelines are met or exceeded

Programming Objectives

  • Program every survey with the highest efficiency
  • Be the technical expert on the team, capable of executing against all complexities and custom survey programming
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert within the programming teams
  • Be accountable for ensuring accurate data entry for metrics for reporting purposes

Personal Objectives

  • Be solution oriented:
    • Ask the right questions: gather and understand the requirements
    • Provide strong client communication
    • Involve appropriate resource to find the best solution
    • Out of the box thinking: find creative solutions to unconventional requests
  • Promote a positive and motivating team environment
    • Be supportive, maintain a positive attitude and be approachable to guide your team through challenges
    • Be a role model of engagement
    • Take every opportunity to recognize good work and encourage team members to go above and beyond
  • Be an excellent communicator (both verbal and written)
    • Be an active listener
    • Seek first to understand
    • Follow up on goals and expectations
    • Clear, proactive, thorough and consistent communication
    • Adult-to-adult at all times
  • Be a champion of your team at all times
    • Be solution-oriented
    • Provide input in process roll out plans to ensure successful implementation
    • Ensure your team has the support they need
    • Be an excellent team member that supports all internal and external teams to achieve success for our projects
  • Be an innovator
    • Create a high efficiency work environment
    • Look for opportunities to improve
  • Be accountable; take ownership of your aligned clients/region
  • Be an excellent problem solver:  identify barriers that impact employees’ abilities to do their job at the highest level, while balancing long term implications
    • Research, identify and supply solutions to roadblocks prior to escalating to the next level 
  • Be an excellent trainer, developer and coach to your team
    • Ensure that learning on the team is shared with the broader programming teams in order to bring up talent of the programming team overall and ensure that problems do not resurface in other areas of the business
    • Effectively utilize the on-the-job training model to impart knowledge and develop your pod members
    • Ensure all members are fully trained to be able to achieve or exceed their individual profile expectations
    • Accurately assess strengths and areas for improvement within the team.
    • Provide Feedback to our partners, make recommendations for training and opportunities for improvement to ensure continued development of the individual and the team.

*Team =team you manage

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review survey document and provide consultation for accurate programming, optimal data layout and respondent experience.
  • Program various complexity surveys in survey platform(s) (Decipher and/or CMIX). 
  • Create OR Update programming templates and co-ordinate with R&D team for custom features.
  • Plan “project handover in multiple shifts” and “task division within team”. Ideally, Senior programming consultant should program complex portion OR new functionality and share other programming tasks within team to expediate programming.
  • Optimize code and update template to manage project’s repetition need
  • Maintain positive programming spirit when accidental mistake happens. Advocate “learn and share” culture.
  • Program multiple surveys in parallel and deliver initial test links/ changes as per established timeline.  Be thought partner and recommend option to expediate programming edits and better user experience.
  • Figure out options to expediate programming edits. Justify turnaround time (TAT) to client with reasonable summary and recommend alternative options to expediate edits
  • Test surveys and validate programming content / logic (piping, masking, skip, complex priority and other logic) by conducting code review /link testing / checking simulated data. Co-ordinate with other programming team OR QA team for further QA assistance.
  • Support PM team OR client in creating custom reports
  • Co-ordinate with team to conduct data check multiple times throughout project life cycle.
  • Lead programming related discussion with client and PM team about best programming practices and provide optimal solution for specific context
  • Coordinate with translation team/ third party suppliers for translations, language overlays
  • Assist in mentoring existing OR new hire staff for required technical skills

Position Requirement

  • 5+ Years of Decipher Programming experience
  • Programmed at least 200+ projects in past (including international project + trackers)
  • Trained new hires OR existing team members in past
  • Manage projects independently without too much direction and can review other programmers’ code and derive outcome
  • Advance Knowledge of Python, HTML 5, CSS, Java script OR jQuery
  • Team player who respects and works well with other team members
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects for on time delivery. Ask for help just in time to ensure that client deliverable is NOT compromised
  • Attention to detail with passion for survey programming and willing to learn / apply new technologies  
  • Experience with CMIX, Confirmit, SPSS, Sawtooth or other online programming software is a plus.
  • Willing to work during weekend is a plus
  • Degree in Computer Science or related field is a plus.

Senior Programming Consultant

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