Job Description

Job Summary:

key role in Operations as:-

  • Strategic Office
  • Project Management Office
  • Project Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop Operations Strategies. To assist Unit Head to define megatrend and gather all key relevant data, information and ideas from any related sources to propose Operations management to review and get approval.
  • Work as an “Operations Project Management Office”, to work closely with Operations project owners for cost and benefit of any projects proposed to support Operations management decision what the projects should be selected and prioritized by considering from customers and company value maximization. Also support to monitor the overall Operations project progress and report management on a timely basis.
  • Perform project manager process engineer role to

- Lead projects to deliver the project deliverables focusing on Digitalized projects related to modernize the current platform to be more digitalization.

- Drive project team members, including AIA staffs and external parties to establish responsibilities, measurements, milestones and time frames in achieving specific project objectives.

- Communicate progress against project plans as well as risks and mitigation strategy to stakeholders on a regular basis.

- Work on pre/post implementation review to assess if stated goals and objectives have been met or achieve optimum performance or efficiency.

  • Any Other Assignments

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • At least +5 year experience in the area of business strategist and project management with a track record of successful outcomes
  • Dynamic approach to presentation at all levels of an organization with the ability to translate concepts into practical application
  • Demonstrated analytical, problem solving, communication and change management skills
  • Exceptional Computer skills of MS Office

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