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Litigation Support Technologist
Provides technical advice to litigation teams on legal automation options, systems capabilities, and support services available to aid in case preparation, trial preparation and trial presentation. Applies knowledge of Federal Criminal and Civil procedures, court requirements, local rules, DOJ polices and guidelines, and district practices. In this regard, the incumbent: (40%)
a. In coordination with ACE AUSAs, investigators, federal agents, and paralegal specialists, the contractor becomes familiar with the details of the case and the types and amounts of ESI. The Contractor analyzes litigation support requirements to develop or recommend appropriate strategies to meet litigation needs. The Contractor recommends alternative methods and promotes the use of automated approaches as well as visual means.
b. In coordination with ACE AUSAs and the Litigation Support Manager, the contractor develops project management strategies and tools for gathering, tracking, processing, reviewing, organizing, and producing case information in an effective, efficient, and defensible manner.
c. Tracks ESI from various sources and applications, analyzing such data to make appropriate processing recommendations. In consultation with the District’s Litigation Support Manager, the contractor recommends, where appropriate, the use of the Litigation Technology Service Center (LTSC).
The Contractor performs essential litigation support tasks. Specifically, assignments encompass the following Litigation Support Services: (40%)
a. Provides litigation support services, including data assessment, staging and tracking of various forms of ESI.
b. Performs such services directly or in conjunction with the USAO’s Litigation Support Manager.
c. Defines and creates case databases for processing electronically stored information (ESI), case review, production, organization and trial presentation.
d. Plans and coordinates efforts with other agencies or offices involved in litigation team activities, including recommending best practices and procedures for collecting electronically stored information in a defensible manner using available software.
e. With attorneys and key legal support staff, the contractor organizes voluminous case information for efficient retrieval through advanced technology such as processing ESI, scanning, indexing and production of documents into a database.
f. Assures documents are organized for efficient electronic storage and retrieval by processing ESI, defining deduplication scope, quality control, preparing appropriate indices, defining data file search criteria and indexing databases.
g. Coordinates with the LTSC, vendors and end users as needed.
h. Manages tasking within the Litigation Support Workflow management systems to ensure evidence is tracked corresponding to discovery productions.
i. Diagnoses and resolves problems in response to customer reported incidents;
j. Manages data and electronic media submitted to the Litigation Support Section for processing and production.
k. Prepares electronic media for processing and production including, copying, labeling and packaging and tracking.
l. Provides recommendations to resolve cited problems.
In coordination with the USAO management and USAO Litigation Support Manager, the Contractor analyzes automated litigation support and recommends changes to improve support and to increase the system efficiency and effectiveness. In this regard, the Contractor: (10%)
a. Applies knowledge of U.S. Attorney and court programs, and automation requirements and characteristics to develop system design alternatives and resolve problems. Provides recommendations to attorneys and other USAO personnel as to the most technically feasible, efficient and cost effective designs needed to meet user requirements and litigation objectives through automation.
b. Diagnoses and resolves litigation support computer system problems and customizes databases (including, but not limited to Relativity) and programs modified to meet individual user needs. Develops and evaluates procedures and computer specifications designed to ensure indexing consistency, and to maximize the ease with which documents can be retrieved from tailored data files on the computer or other storage medium.
c. Evaluates new developments in information governance and data management, including eDiscovery
+ Must able to obtain/maintain a government security clearance.
+ Bachelor’s Degree in related field and 6 years of related experience in the management of mid- to large-sized projects.
+ Must have knowledge of the legal process and familiarity with
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