Purchase Assistant

Citimax Group, Inc. (Manila, Philippines) 5 days ago
POSITION SUMMARY : Purchasing Staff responsibilities include evaluating vendors, negotiating contracts and preparing reports (e.g. on orders and costs.) For this role should have good knowledge of market research, along with solid analytical skills, making sure to identify the most profitable offers. Purchasing staff reports to the purchasing manager. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Manage Purchase Orders - completing and maintaining purchase orders for raw goods, materials, and supplies. Purchasing assistants work closely with specific departments to gather and submit orders or work across the entire organization. In this role, purchasing assistants record purchases at the time of request and submit these orders for final approval from the department manager or the purchasing manager. Oversee Shipping Schedules -manage pickups and drop-offs for incoming and outgoing shipments. They check deliveries against purchase orders to ensure that all materials have arrived intact and in the ordered quantity. Contact vendors to follow up on late or missing shipments or to report damaged goods. Maintain Purchase Records -maintain detailed paper or computerized records of purchases, including quantities ordered and received, shipping information, and costs associated with the purchase. Provide records to department heads to facilitate budget reconciliation and maintain purchasing department files to simplify repeated orders for regular purchases. Compile and submit records to the accounting department to support financial management and reporting. Manage Inventory monitor the company s inventory levels to determine when new purchases should be scheduled. QUALIFICATIONS: College level / Graduate or equivalent Solid knowledge and understanding of procurement processes, policy, and systems Two (2) years previous experience as procurement officer or related position MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AT BARANGAY CUPANG ANTIPOLO CITY RIZAL.....