Job Description

The Role:
The Python Developer is required to develop, enhance and support suite of system interfaces and regulatory reports using Python and SQL technologies.
System interfaces allow data exchange between core Willis Towers Watson systems to multiple systems. This includes scheduled batch interfaces and real-time web services. Regulatory reports are a suite of data reports sent to regulatory bodies on scheduled and ad-hoc basis. Interfaces and reports are scheduled using a tool that allows for complex calendar setup, error logging, exception handling and other transaction scenarios.
Developing complex systems in Python which are capable of processing large amounts of data
Working within a self-organizing team of Python Developers
Influencing architectural and workflow decisions.
You will apply your skills as a member of a highly technically competent architecture team providing support to Agile deliveries.
This position requires a passion for technical design, development, problem solving, and the ability to learn new concepts quickly.
The Requirements:
• Strong experience in Python and web development
o Unit test cases, bandit, PEP-8, list, tuple, dictionary , sets, classes and objects
o Use of Cx _oracle with python, iterators , JSON, PIP, file handling, XML, HTML, Pandas, Django
• Excellent Unix skills
o VI editor and VI commands
o Basic Unix commands for file handling
o Shell scripting knowledge
• Working experience with Git version control
• Familiarity with relational databases. Experience in PL/SQL development
o Cursors, Joins, packages, procedures, functions,
o Writing complex SQL queries, knowledge of explain plan, performance tuning of SQL
• Experience in developing resilient, transaction-based web services
• Good team player
• Experience working within an Agile Scrum Software Development Life Cycle
• Effective English written and verbal communication skills
Equal Opportunity Employer
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