Strict implementation of safety requirements; to do daily quality testing and provide the test results to support daily productions, provide products QC data to customer exactly and timely. 严格遵守安全工作要求,执行对工厂生产的半成品、成品及原料的检测以及测试设备的日常维护工作,以保证实验室检测体系的正常运行。


  • Follow company EHS policy and safety rules. 遵守公司安全规章制度。

  • Calibrate and maintain laboratory instruments. 维护实验室设备。

  • Conduct material testing work in accordance with QC standard procedure and testing instructions. 按照QC标准流程和测试规范,开展材料和产品的测试工作。

  • Record and maintain testing data into SAP and report testing problems. 负责日常测试数据录入SAP系统和测试异常报告。

  • Take ownership to carry out and maintain 5S activities in QC daily work. 在日常工作中,主动地开展和维护实验室5S。

  • Release the qualified material per testing result. 协助管理实验室留样和以及对实验室过期样品的处理。

  • Assist other team member to complete daily job, as needed. 根据需要,协助其他团队成员完成日常质检任务。


  • Education Background:

    •  Chemical related technical school or above 化学相关专业,中专及以上学历

  • Technical Skills:

    •  Basic EHS knowledge for chemical 基本的化工安全知识

    •  At least two years working experiences in QC lab 至少2年质检实验室工作经验

    • Willing to learn new testing technology and able to conduct testing work independently in quick manner乐于学习并能快速掌握新的测试技能,

    • obey work arranges by team leader 服从团队安排安排

    • Willing to run night-shits 接受翻班

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