Renal Social Worker- Hilliard, OH (Irregular Hours- PRN-Part Time)

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To help the patient and his/her family understand Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and renal replacement therapy, to counsel with the patient and family in working out their acceptance of the patient's medical problem and methods of modifying ways for more satisfying relationships, to provide a psychosocial summary to aid in the preparation of the interdisciplinary patient plan of care, to act as a resource person and liaison with community agencies, to provide casework and group work services to assist the patient and family, to evaluate the patient's optimum rehabilitation potential, to provide education regarding psychosocial problems of renal disease to members of the health care team and the public.
The Renal Social Worker is responsible for assisting and supporting the facility's management team in achieving quality, patient satisfaction, business management, teamwork, culture, and employee satisfaction results.
He/she is also responsible for understanding, supporting, interpreting and implementing the philosophy and policies of the facility.
1. Assists the patient and family in understanding, accepting, and adapting to lifestyle changes associated with CKD and ESRD and renal replacement therapy by providing counseling and information.
2. Develops and maintains a professionally therapeutic relationship with the patient and family.
3. Orients the patient and family with other team members, the treatment facility,
and the services provided there. Introduces the members of the patient care team and explains their functions.
4. Provides a psychosocial summary to obtain the patient and family history to determine strengths, weaknesses, and coping patterns; identify problem areas; and identify feelings about transplantation and possible transplant donors; and identify rehabilitation potential.
5. Explores and develops family and community resources; maintains working relationship with various professionals, agencies, and volunteer organizations. Assists with applications for services and follow-up referrals.
6. Provides ongoing casework and group work services for patient and family.
7. Assists in team review of patient care plans, providing continuous input of psychosocial data. Assures that patient routinely has direct input into his care/treatment plan/plan of care.
8. Assists in transplant evaluation and work-up.
9. Assists in home training evaluation, work-up, and follow-up.
10. Assists with the patient whose transplant failed to accept and returns to dialysis treatment.
11. Provides: a. In-service training for patient care staff. b. Education program(s) regarding CKD, ESRD and renal replacement therapy for members of the community.
12. Provides supervision for facility's primary nurse staff, dietitian, etc., in the area of patient's psychosocial problems.
13. Maintains records to provide social service statistics for reports and authorized
research. Prepares appropriate correspondence to agencies, treatment facilities, doctors, patients, etc.
14. Provides for self-development activities such as the reading of appropriate
medical and social work literature, attendance at conferences and training programs.
15. Attends and participates in the facility's patient care planning meetings. Takes a leadership role in the education and implementation of Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) processes.
16. Participates in and supports development of and execution of unit budgets.
Telephone, automotive vehicle, computer skills with word, excel, and other appropriate software.
1. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
2. Ability to convey directions in an easily understood manner.
3. Ability to express ideas effectively to supervisors, physicians, peers, and other clinic employees.
4. Ability to listen and respond in an understanding manner with staff members.
1. Ability to relate to people in a manner which instills confidence and establishes support.
2. Flexibility to adjust to changing conditions and demands of the job.
3. Ability to remain calm, interpret problems and conditions as presented, and to provide solutions under stress.
1. Moderately active work; walking and standing for considerable lengths of time.
2. Talking and listening to communicate ideas or requirements to individual staff members.
3. Visual acuity to prepare and read written material accurately.
4. Audio acuity to listen attentively and accurately.
5. Potentially cover Hilliard and Upper Sandusky clinics remotely
NOTE: Reasonable accommodation will be made as necessary if an individual cannot meet the above requirements.
1. Social Worker who--
(1) Holds a master's degree in social work with a specialization in clinical practice from a school of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; or
(2) Has served at least 2 years as a social worker, 1 year of which was in a dialysis unit or transplantation program prior to September 1, 1976, and has established a consultative relationship with a social worker who qualifies under§ 494.140 (d)(l).
2. References indicating candidate's reliability, good work habits, emotional maturity, and ability to establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships.
3. Knowledge of normal and abnormal human behavior and its relationship to illness and medical treatment.
4. Ability to relate to wide variety of socio-economic and cultural groups.
5. Ability to relate to, communicate with, and work with medical staff.
6. Ability to work in a patient care setting and interest in medical information in
general, as worker will be closely involved with patient's treatment as well as care plan and must closely coordinate his/her work with these plans and the activities of the other team members.
7. Experience in working with terminal illness and the ability to feel comfortable in working with life and death situations.
8. Interest and ability in supervision, administration, research, community organization, and education of staff and others.
Supervised by: Director of Nursing

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