Job Description

About us

We pride ourselves as the best and largest vertically integrated, omni-channel women’s fashion brand in the region. Founded in 2010, we’ve grown to 150 people strong, proudly headquartered in Singapore with country offices in Indonesia and Malaysia and an omni-channel presence across these 3 markets. In addition to our retail franchise in Cambodia, we ship internationally to 15 markets (Hong Kong, China, Philippines and Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Macau, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia & Brunei)

We are taking our definition of new female retail global, with our sights set on becoming the most thoughtful brand for the everyday woman.

The Team

The Love, Bonito team is a passionate, dynamic, innovative and fun-loving family. From fashion-lovers, savvy marketers to tech whizzes, we have a diverse team of talented individuals with one unified focus - our customer, the Love, Bonito woman. She is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves in always taking an innovative, data-centric yet considerate approach in creating the right experiences, products and content for her. With big dreams and a grand mission, we’re looking for great like-minded people to join us - people who are as passionate, fearless and entrepreneurial.

If you’re looking for a dynamic, no corporate-BS environment to learn, grow, and really make an impact, we could be the perfect fit for you!

The Role


You will be responsible for bringing our Love, Bonito brand to life in Hong Kong, as part of our mission to become the largest and most thoughtful brand for women globally. As our Retail Operations Manager, you will lead the roll-out and operations of our retail stores throughout Hong Kong, as we expand our reach more aggressively in market over the next few years. You should be a proud ambassador of our culture and values, have an outgoing and warm personality, and of course be someone who loves people and is passionate about the service industry.


Reporting directly to our regional Head of Retail Operations, you will play a pivotal role in shaping Love, Bonito’s retail experience in Hong Kong through this exhilarating phase.


You should have / be


  • A Love, Bonito ambassador who believes in and embodies our culture and core values
  • A passion and genuine love for service and customer - always thinking of the customer first!
  • A performance-driven attitude with a hunger and thirst for results and sales
  • A high degree of professionalism, work ethic, judgement and keen attention to detail
  • Strong leadership skills in motivating and driving a team
  • An outgoing and warm personality who enjoys interacting and connecting with people to build trusting relationships with both internal employees and our regular customers
  • A good team player, a self-starter, decision maker, gap spotter, captain of the ship
  • Technical knowledge in all operational aspects of the store, including but not limited to inventory management, sales and cash management, merchandising, roster building, staff training and coaching, stock taking, and recruitment
  • Fast and thorough problem solver, willing to roll up sleeves and delve into the minutia to get to the bottom of an issue
  • 一個Love, Bonito的品牌大使,相信並身體力行我們的文化和核心價值觀
  • 對服務業和顧客擁有熱情和真誠的熱愛——始終以客戶為先!
  • 一種以績效為主導的態度,渴望獲得成果和業績
  • 高度專業和有職業道德,有判斷力和有對細節敏銳的觀察力
  • 能夠激勵和推動團隊
  • 一個外向和熱情的人,喜歡與人交流和聯繫,能夠與內部員工和我們的常客建立信任關係
  • 一個優秀的團隊合作者,自我激勵者,決策者,能夠發現不足之處並領導團隊前進的人
  • 店舖運營的全面知識,包括但不限於庫存管理、銷售和現金管理、商品推銷、管理班次、員工培訓和指導、盤點和招聘
  • 能夠高效徹底的解決問題,願意深入研究細節以找到問題根源的人

Main responsibilities


Team Management & Leadership


  • Meet sales goals by leading, managing, mentoring, and providing feedback to a team of full-time and part-time retail associates and style ambassadors
  • Inspire and motivate team to work towards a collective goal
  • Collaborate closely with all other functional team leads (country / HQ) in particular Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Operations and Marketing
  • Execute expansion plans, opening new stores and drive retail excellence for Love, Bonito
  • Provide constructive feedback to management and respective HQ departments in the areas of sales, service, people, product designs & process
  • 通過領導、管理、指導團隊(包括全職、兼職和style ambassadors)和不斷提供反饋意見,以達到銷售目標
  • 激勵並激勵團隊朝著集體目標一起努力
  • 與所有其他團隊(本地/總部)密切合作,特別是商品部、陳列部、運營部和市場部
  • 過人的執行力以滿足Love,Bonito開設新店並推動卓越零售服務的擴張
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