Job Description

With the rapid evolvement of today’s media landscape, closely managing our business is increasingly critical both in order for us to deliver what our clients require but also to drive efficiency for our own business.
This internal role is aligned with the sales team managing the end to end campaign booking process. This role is pivotal in maximising revenue across the sales organisation, supporting the sales and ops teams and coordination between digital, print & events teams. You must be an organised, fast working and detail oriented professional with a collaborative attitude who would like to learn and grow in this business.
* Input all commercial orders into Nexus, our order management system, paying great attention to detail and looking for consistent input at all times
* Ensuring the bookings have correct booking details submitted by sales, compliance details to book and ensuring the bookings are booked correctly
* Work with relevant sales and ops stakeholders to troubleshoot
* Primary contact for finance on bookings/ PO documentation.
* Work with finance to keep non billing report digital numbers down and reduce number of credit notes. Support in any disputes raised by finance and work with sales to rectify
* Run through charge sheets, from finance, monthly to ensure they are reflective of campaign deliverables with all lines being thoroughly checked
* Collaborate and communicate with stakeholders from sales and operations to understand where assistance is needed with campaign bookings
* Uphold business rules and be well-versed in ratecard compliance
* Review Nexus system, feedback to Systems team any issues, amendments to system and rationale for requested amendments looping in Head of Business Management.
* Attend all sales hub meetings and pick up on booking queries from agencies and client direct to help minimise credit notes
* Optioning Hearst UK inventory on to ensure no duplicate bookings
* Chase sales on any outstanding PO’s/IO to ensure all Nexus are set to complete/confirmed, reminding sales of deadlines to be met.
* Check with sales and BM that any options and bookings with positional guarantee requests have been agreed with BM for flat planning process
* Maintain active knowledge of the competitive landscape, market innovations, new industry guidelines, and developments in the ad industry
* Highly Organised
* Performs well under pressure
* Ability to prioritise and recognise business critical matters
* Ability to multitask
* Flexible and adaptable working style
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