Job Description

Customer Service Delivery

+ Manage the implementation of the company’s customer service imperative.
+ Ensure proactive resolution and take immediate corrective action on out-of-lines.
+ Manage correct implementation of merchandising and planogram guidelines.
+ Oversee the management and maintenance of stock in stores to ensure maximum sales potential.
+ Ensure correct and timeous implementation of launches, promotions and replenishment.
+ Ensure appropriate staffing levels to support customer service requirements.
+ Create and implement plans consistent with business objectives.
Sales Management

+ Monitor Region’s performance and benchmark set (compare store to store, region to region and performance against National)
+ Analyze and evaluate the Regional actual sales results against the set target for the relevant period.
+ Analyze areas of underperformance and initiate the appropriate intervention for corrective action to minimize future negative sales impact.
+ Anticipate and address obstacles that hinder maximum sales generation.
+ Communicate performance results to relevant stakeholders.
+ Conduct regular audits to ensure that all necessary policies, procedures and processes are in place and adhered to.
+ Ensure that risks at regional level are continuously assessed and managed through the development, implementation and maintenance of adequate and effective controls.
+ Identify and implement new ideas to drive sales
+ Work with Key Account Managers to plan wholesale sales.
+ Identify problem stores, high performance stores top down.
+ Collaborate with Area Managers and formulate strategies to prioritize and grow non performing stores.
+ Set and agree all retail targets with Field Sales Manager and RDMs.
+ Collaborate with support functions e.g. marketing, training, HR, Key Accounts and Trade Marketing to ensure support and strategies are in place.
People Management

+ Encourage, implement and reinforce the company values and leadership principles.
+ Ensure an open, motivated and harmonious work environment.
+ Manage the performance of self and all direct reports (formally and informally), ensuring that regular feedback is given/received, coaching and mentoring on performance is given/received, to enable continuous improvement.
+ Be actively involved in individual development plans, develop such plans for all Inland Retail Development Managers (RDM) and ensure that the agreed development interventions are delivered.
+ Ensure that performance reviews are conducted on all staff to identify the appropriate performance management requirements.
+ Monitor resourcing trends and create a talent pipeline in advance of need.
+ Monitor, Analyze and manage RDM’s expenses.
+ Monitor fleet in region.
+ Communicate key company strategies and tactics through regular performance and strategy review meetings.
+ To support RDMs in driving the required growth via regular review of Area business plans.
+ Ensure that field execution reflects the brands positioning and expectation of the business.
+ Execute plans and programmes at field level to ensure: Targets, profits and positions are achieved across the business.
+ Agree training plan with national training manager, monitor and feedback training needs.
+ Agree communication and execution and consistency of message to field sales team.
Market/Region Intelligence

+ Conduct regular environmental scans of competitor activities (price, product, layouts and promotions) and external socio-economic factors so that appropriate changes can be made to the business plans.
+ Ensure regular communications to Head Office to highlight trends and opportunities.
+ Manage and implement best practices to continuously improve performance in the region.
+ Represent the Brand on various operational related forums and project teams and provide expertise to these work groups.
+ Disseminate decisions made at such forums to own business area and monitor implementation.
+ Provide field feedback to Marketing department to ensure relevant insights to development of marketing strategies and activities.
+ Collaborate with suitable teams to address deficiencies and capitalize on opportunities and strengths.

Merchandise Management

+ Conduct regular analysis and interpretation of stock management to manage the region’s performance.
+ Communicate with KAM team on stock issues e.g. out of stocks, overstocks.
+ Ensure data integrity through effective stock control.
+ Oversee new door opening and closing process.
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