SAP Developer

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Job Role Summary

An SAP Back-end Developer creates applications and data models on various SAP platforms. They require knowledge of the ABAP programming language, SAP development tools, and how developments are organized and transported. An SAP Front-end Developer creates and delivers user interfaces for applications on SAP platforms. This can be in the form a full custom application or an enhancement to a SAP standard program.

• In collaboration with functional teams, gather and understand user requirements
• Back-end development on SAP platforms, which in most of the cases relies on ABAP but could be other languages as well
• Work on front end development efforts on SAP Platforms, which could also require expertise on ABAP and SAPUI5
• Deploy code through the development workflow with managing QA steps

Job Role Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Responsible for designing, developing, and supporting various new and existing SAP application backend or front-end development
• Maintaining awareness of industry best practices and standards, etc.
• This role will be asked to help contribute to maturing development processes and assisting teammates
• They will have to both collaborate with the team on larger features as well as work independently on smaller ones.
• Understand technical frameworks and landscape in order to provide explanations of various software alternatives
• Ensure business requirements are included and appropriately tested
• Steward engagement progress to stakeholders & discuss scope change and impact regularly (requirements management)

Expected Level of Proficiency

Technical Skills:

• Write clean, concise, robust and well-documented code
• Write modular and testable code, practice object oriented ABAP
• Strong understanding of unit testing
• ABAP Programming and modularization techniques, internal tables
• ABAP Dictionary, data types
• Dynamic programming
• Database updates: understanding how to program change transactions in SAP
• Secure coding
• Performance Tuning: how to analyze and optimize performance problems
• SAP Enhancements: understanding the alternatives for making customer specific adjustments to SAP standard
• Application integrations techniques: OData, ALE/IDoc, RFC/BAPI
• S4 Development: understanding the specialties of S/4 HANA development (Code pushdown techniques, new data model)
• SAP Workflow: how to develop, adjust and monitor SAP workflows
• SAP Upgrade - SPAU/SPDD: understanding what modification adjustment is needed in case of a system upgrade
• Form printing: Adobe Forms, Smart Forms, SAP Script
• WebIDE: Understanding of the WebIDE and how to use/navigate within the environment. Know how to create project and templates.
• Understand and functionality of SCP/GIT within the WebIDE.
• Able to do UI5 Coding
• Familiar with JavaScript.
• Debugging: Able to use Chrome/IE Debugging Tools.

Core and Soft Skills

• Modern development practices – Agile, Continuous delivery, Automation
• Modern application concepts – Modern authentication, Cloud development, APIs
• Collaborative; Analytical; Self-starter
• Proficient in English (written & oral)
• Accepts criticism / feedback
• Have exceptional problem solving and communication skills.

Computing Environment

Coding Languages / frameworks:
• WebIDE
• UI5
• Javascript

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SAP Developer

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