Anticipated Vacancies 21-22 School Psychologist - Bilingual Preferred

Lancasterpa (TBD District, Global) 10 days ago


  1. PA certificate as School Psychologist.
  2. Masters Degree preferred.
  3. Experience with children and youth in an educational environment, preferably as a school psychologist.
  4. Other qualifications to the above that the Board may find to be acceptable and appropriate. 

REPORTS TO: Principal

SUPERVISES: Not applicable

JOB GOAL: To provide services that enhance the goals of the school district/school to promote a positive climate for student's learning and mental health, to assist teachers in planning school programs, and to facilitate the development of individual children and youth.


  1. Assess the cognitive abilities, academic performance, emotional functioning, sensory-motor functioning, learning styles and interpersonal competence of individual students.
  2. Participate in multidisciplinary team processes (i.e. Instructional Support Teams, Student Assistance Program, Secondary Instructional Support) to interpret results of assessment for the purpose of developing appropriate educational programs for regular and special education students.
  3. Provide counseling or therapy on individual or group basis to help students function more effectively and to overcome the impact of emotional or behavioral difficulties that interfere with school performance.
  4. Consult with teachers about academic, personal, and social issues affecting one or more students.
  5. Consult with families/parents to acquire greater knowledge of students' developmental history and cultural and economic factors that may interfere with learning, and share this information with school staff in accordance with confidentiality requirements in developing appropriate programs.
  6. Assist staff in recognizing the impact of cultural and environmental differences on learning and behavior.
  7. Maintain accurate and orderly records, assuring confidentiality as required by state and federal law.
  8. Write psychological and/or comprehensive evaluation reports according to District policy and state regulations.
  9. Establish communication with community agencies and coordinate referrals of students for services.


  1. Consult with administrators about school-wide or system-wide problems and programs.
  2. Participate in school, District and community committees to plan programs that promote academic, personal and social development.
  3. Coordinate school-based responses to managing interventions following crisis situations.
  4. Conduct evaluations for preschool developmentally delayed students to determine appropriate first grade placements.
  5. Assist in developing and implementing research projects and translating research findings into school practice.
  6. Supervise intern and practicum students from higher education institutions. 

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Board's request.

EVALUATION: Evaluation will be determined according to the Contract.


Physical Demands:

            Ability to work in a variety of environments to accommodate individual and group assessment and

            counseling/therapy needs.

            Ability to transport testing materials up to 25 pounds.

Sensory Abilities:       

            Ability to read correspondence and documentation on students.

            Ability to write and/or dictate effective technical reports.


            Ability to communicate and work with children, families and staff in a nonjudgmental manner.

            Ability to work independently in maintaining effective work patterns and responding appropriately to emergency                    situations. 

Mental Demands:

            Ability to interpret detailed written and verbal communications.

            Frequently fast-paced; high-pressure situation.


            Normal school environment for testing and counseling/therapy purposes.

            Exposure to potentially dangerous situations in an urban setting.

Anticipated Vacancies 21-22 School Psychologist - Bilingual Preferred

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