Job Description


Level of Education
Areas of study
Professional experiences
1 to 2 years
Languages essential
Optional languages

Essential and optional requirements

- At least vocational diploma
- At least 1 year experience in security job.
- Educated in English communication.
- Good command of English.

  • Excel
  • Word

Key tasks

To patrol the hotel and its grounds to ensure security and safety of persons and their properties within the hotel premises.

Pullman and its talent community

The Pullman promise is built around its three values: commitment, adaptability and creativity, and these are orchestrated throughout the hotel by a specific human resources and management policy:

• Body & Soul, the service attitudes model developed by Pullman

• Welcomer, Quality & Attitude Manager, Event Manager - some of the new Pullman professions

• A Pullman “school” of leadership, focusing on creativity.

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