Senior Database Administrator 

Marin Software, headquartered in San Francisco, is looking for an outstanding individual, with extensive prior relational database experience, to join our Data Platform team. Marin is merging MySQL with Hadoop-based systems to form a next generation platform, and is seeking an expert in production delivery and support, primarily for ORM databases with MySQL as well as Hadoop to help us realize the new platform. 

This is a deeply technical hands-on position, requiring extensive knowledge of MySQL, including MySQL internals, supporting many different technologies. The successful candidate will play a critical role in advising software engineers on scalability and performance best practices throughout the development process and must have stellar communications skills. You will play an integral part in shaping the future of Marin, the databases it uses, be open to learning new technologies, as well as working outside of your comfort zone.

Working with data at Marin is an exciting opportunity where you will work with billions of rows, hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and petabytes of data. We manage billions of digital advertising spend, enjoying the challenges that come with big data and frequent changes from Facebook, Google, Amazon and more. This is a great opportunity to make a big impact on a business, which is highly ambitious and going through a highly exciting stage of our growth!


  • Provide technical leadership to the Database Operations team and vision for all database aspects of Marin’s next generation platform
  • Represent the team on all architectural decisions regarding database issues, being an authoritarian on best practices
  • Manage and maintain multiple production and pre-production MariaDB/MySQL, and MongoDB clusters, containing multi-petabytes of data
  • Use prior experience to influence further developments with MySQL
  • Perform administration, on-going management and monitoring of all database systems; always looking to streamline and improve processes
  • Identify and troubleshoot performance/reliability issues, recommending and implementing solutions to overcome them to optimize our database cluster
  • Triage, deep dive and troubleshoot complex issues in the Marin application and infrastructure across not only database systems but also Java, Python, MySQL, messaging, PHP, Angular and other open source technologies
  • Support developers in building features that perform at scale, including writing, reviewing, and tuning SQL queries and recommending when something should be performed outside of the database
  • Proactively develop scripts and tools required to support any or all of the above
  • Automate where possible to ensure work is repeatable and consistent
  • Protect the safety and integrity of the database platform through database design changes, backups and securing of database instances
  • Participate in a 24x7 on-call
  • Responsible for database operations such as data retention, health report, backup management, etc


  • Proven, hands-on expertise with MySQL, with detailed understanding of internals, specifically with the InnoDB storage engine, isolation level, replication, partitioning, sharding, ACID, views, transactional SQL, and cache management
  • Track record of writing and tuning SQL queries
  • Experience in administration with MySQL and MongoDB recent major releases
  • Experience working with OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Experience with with making large DB and tables performance
  • Solid knowledge of database design principles
  • Experience with automation in either Ansible, Puppet or Chef, and practitioner of Infrastructure as Code
  • Extremely honed problem-solving and debugging ability 

  • Experience with high availability 24x7 customer facing environments
  • Advanced proficiency in Bash scripting and fundamental knowledge in either Perl or Python
  • Highly flexible individual who enjoys working in a fast paced environment with a high rate of change
  • Have clear and responsive communication style, setting expectations as to when tasks will complete
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent


  • Experience of working in a globally distributed team
  • Strong Linux administration skills

  • Familiar with ORM methodologies
  • Understanding of Java and Hibernate concepts
  • Understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem such as Presto, Phoenix, HBase and distributed system operation with big data, such as HDFS file management or a strong desire to learn
  • Advanced degree in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent


Marin Software总部位于美国旧金山,现诚聘具有丰富 关系数据库经验 的优秀人才加入我们的数据平台团队。Marin正在将MySQL和基于Hadoop的系统融合在一起,形成一个新一代的平台,并且正在寻找一位产品交付和支持方面的 专家 ,主要是为MySQL和Hadoop的ORM数据库来帮助我们实现这个新平台。




  • 为数据库运营团队提供技术领导,并为Marin的下一代平台提供所有数据库方面的愿景
  • 代表团队关于数据库问题的所有架构决策,是最佳实践的权威
  • 管理和维护多个生产和生产前的MariaDB/MySQL和MongoDB集群,包含多拍字节的数据
  • 利用以前的经验来影响MySQL的进一步开发
  • 对所有数据库系统进行管理、持续管理和监控;总是寻求精简和改进流程
  • 识别和排除性能/可靠性问题,推荐并实施解决方案以克服这些问题,从而优化我们的数据库集群
  • Triage, deep dive和疑难解答复杂的Marin应用和基础设施问题,不仅跨越数据库系统,还跨越Java, Python, MySQL,消息传递,PHP, Angular和其他开源技术
  • 支持开发人员构建大规模执行的特性,包括编写、审查和调优SQL查询,以及建议何时应该在数据库之外执行某些操作
  • 积极开发所需的脚本和工具,以支持上述任何一种或全部
  • 在可能的情况下实现自动化,以确保工作是可重复和一致的
  • 通过更改数据库设计、备份和保护数据库实例,保护数据库平台的安全性和完整性
  • 参与24 × 7的待命呼叫
  • 负责数据库操作,如数据保留、运行状况报告、备份管理等


  • 有实际MySQL操作经验,详细了解内部,特别是InnoDB存储引擎,隔离级别,复制,分区,分片,ACID,视图,事务性SQL和缓存管理
  • 跟踪编写和调优SQL查询的记录
  • 有使用MySQL和MongoDB主要版本的管理经验
  • 有OLTP和OLAP系统的工作经验
  • 具有使大型DB和tables性能良好的经验
  • 扎实的数据库设计原理知识
  • 有Ansible、Puppet或Chef自动化方面的经验,有基础架构代码的实践经验
  • 极强的解决问题和调试能力

  • 24x7面向客户的高可用性环境的经验
  • 精通Bash脚本,具备Perl或Python基础知识
  • 高度灵活,喜欢在快节奏和高变化率的环境中工作
  • 有清晰和积极的沟通方式,对任务何时完成设定期望
  • 工程、计算机或相关专业学士学位


  • 具有在全球分布的团队中工作的经验
  • 较强的Linux管理技能

  • 熟悉ORM方法
  • 了解Java和Hibernate概念
  • 了解Presto、Phoenix、HBase等Hadoop生态系统,以及HDFS文件管理等大数据分布式系统操作或有较强的学习欲望
  • 软件工程、计算机科学或相关专业

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