Job Description

An industry-leading tech company
At Zendesk, we geek out about building software that delivers the ultimate customer experience. Your favourite brands (like Airbnb, Uber, Slack, and OpenTable) use our products to engage you as a customer, and we lead the industry with beautifully simple software. And we’re constantly innovating - no really, we can’t wait to outdo ourselves in the near future.

What you’ll do
As a Senior Program Manager on our Product Development team, you’ll collaborate with our Product Management and Engineering teams who are building key components of the Zendesk Platform and Zendesk Connect. Platform is at the center of what we do, and we have a global team building capabilities to extend Zendesk to meet the growing needs of our customers. Connect gathers customer interaction data and uses that information to proactively solve customer service problems. You’ll work side-by-side with Melbourne-based teams and their numerous internal partners to drive cross-product/cross-functional initiatives.

Your job as program manager will be to lead company-wide programs with broad impact, liaising with Product Development teams and teams outside of Product Development including Product Marketing, Advocacy, Customer Success, IT, Legal, Finance, and Sales. You’ll keep releases moving forward, focusing on key achievements to bring new products and services to market.

A rockstar team
Zendesk values diversity of opinions and experience, and we cultivate a culture of openness and transparency. We have an international organisation of Program Managers with backgrounds in tech, health care, criminal justice, finance, and more. They’re forward-thinking, supportive, and collaborative. We help each other out with best practices, tips, and strategies for success. From day one, your input will be valued, your skills leveraged, and your personal style celebrated.

Your manager, Guillaume, will be there to provide guidance, feedback, and support. He’s not into micromanagement, so expect independence in your work and be willing to let him know when you need help. He’ll help you explore career growth options and paint a picture of what success can look like for you at Zendesk. He loves cycling and international travel; you don’t need to have the same interests, but expect to be asked what you’re passionate about.

A supportive company
Zendesk embraces and invests in the power of the Program Management Org (PMO), all the way up to the execs. You’ll hear Adrian, our President of Products, regularly talk about the level of discipline and efficiency that the PMO brings to a growing organisation. Our org Vice President, Paula, is our best spokesperson and consistently touts our contributions. PMO is deeply embedded in what we do and how we get there.

Not your average tech company
Zendesk has all the stuff you’d expect from a tech company - competitive pay, stock, benefits, beautiful office, snacks, and more. We also have a culture deeply dedicated to helping our staff keep work-life balance, from flexible hours to remote work, to the most progressive parental leave plans on the market. Our Social Impact team is actively engaged in our community and enables us to volunteer thousands of hours with local community groups each year. We invest in diversity and inclusion so that our staff reflects the diversity of the world around us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our workplace experience is top-notch and welcoming for all.

What you need to succeed
We’ve found that a bachelor’s degree and experience driving broad, complex programs across a global organisation are the most common predictors for a successful Program Manager at Zendesk. While you may or may not write code yourself, you understand how software gets made and how Agile software development teams operate. You are a great facilitator and able to build bridges between teams and people, and you communicate status clearly, concisely, and accurately. You anticipate areas of risk and determine ways to mitigate them, and you think it’s fun! You get your kicks by seeing programs you drive run smoothly and efficiently and ultimately meet the needs of the business.

That said, if your experience looks a little different from what we’ve identified and you think you can rock the role, we’d love to learn more about you. 

The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk. Zendesk’s powerful and flexible customer service and engagement platform scales to meet the needs of any business, from startups and small businesses to growth companies and enterprises. Zendes
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