MEP Senior Project Manager

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The MEP Project Manager is responsible for the daily management, supervision and coordination of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and elevator design teams, subcontractors, and successful completion of design and construction projects to meet time and cost objectives with respect to contracting, scheduling, estimating, bidding and contract administration functions. MEP Project Manager is capable of simultaneously handling multiple projects or single projects. Be knowledgeable on all building systems.

Provide overall on-site field administration supervision and technical management for all design and construction operations, including coordination of design teams and direct supervision of assistants, foremen, trade/subcontractors, and other construction-related personnel, directing them in the planning, coordination, and execution of work on time, within budget, attaining or exceeding profit goals. Maintaining a safe workplace. Promoting and enhancing client relationships.

Key Accountabilities – Main tasks

  • Support DPM team to establish contractual agreements with appointed design teams,

  • Support DPM team in design activities, coordinating design teams, defining project targets, monitoring design development.

  • Support DPM team in the approval of design deliverables

  • Support senior project & construction manager with coordination and direction of the budget estimating, purchasing, engineering, accounting, and cost and construction functions as they relate to the completion of the project.

  • Develop, review, approve and implement project budgets, schedules and contract bid documents.

  • Conduct or assist senior project manager with buy-out meeting and prepare trade contracts/subcontracts.

  • Initiate, establish and maintain working relationships with owner, architect, engineer, and trade/subcontractors to facilitate construction activities. Organize, conduct and represent the company at project coordination meetings at regular agreed upon intervals.

  • Have complete knowledge of the general contract, trade contract and subcontract documents.

  • Ensure timely project completion through project scheduling, expediting material deliveries, and the management of material and document submittals and approvals.

  • Will review and approve requisitions.

  • Negotiate, prepare, issue and execute change orders (proposals) between Lendlease and owners and Lendlease and trade/subcontractors. Prepare revisions to the original budget as a result of changes and revisions to the work.

  • Prepare and issue monthly owner progress reports, monthly pay applications, schedules and cost reports in coordination with the superintendent.

  • Establish and monitor administrative procedures for the project. These procedures are to conform to established policies and procedures of the company.

  • Assure that individuals, whose functions require knowledge and understanding of the general contract trade contract and subcontract requirements, receive and understand the information.

  • Keep informed and ensures that all requirements of insurance, safety, labor relations, and Equal Employment Opportunity are met.

  • Provide organization, direction and training of subordinate project team members.

  • Develop and maintain business relationships with owner’s architect/engineers and trade/subcontractors for marketing.

  • Support and implement the company’s H&S and Sustainability programs.

  • Assist with the training and development of subordinates for advancement.

  • Lead and participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings.

  • Manage the closeout process.

  • Commission and train building operators in building systems.

  • Assist with the supervision and responsibility that the total construction effort is constructed in accordance with design, budget. and schedule. Includes becoming familiar with client, owner, engineer, local authorities, building inspectors, and trade/subcontractor representatives.

  • Assist with planning, coordination and supervision of on-site functions (scheduling, engineering, material control, etc.), in addition to performing and/or monitoring job site control measures (daily reports. labor payroll, quality reports, accident reports, etc.)

  • Supervise trade/subcontractors as required by contract. Constantly review field production, analyze and improve where necessary.

  • Assist with providing technical assistance (i.e., interpretation of drawings, recommend construction methods and equipment, etc.) as required.

  • Assist with performing daily and weekly reviews of jobsite activities and establish action plans for all short- and long-term needs.

  • Assist with ensuring that all on-site personnel comply with project procedures, safety program requirements work rules, etc. Document all violations, notify project management, recommend and implement corrective actions as required.

  • Assume responsibility for productivity of trade/subcontractors, efficient use of materials and equipment, and contractual performance of the project.


Qualifications – Desirable and Essential

  • Five year engineering degree or equivalent combinations of technical training and/or related experience

Experience –Desirable and Essential

  • Extensive (5 or more years ) experience in similar position

  • Excellent supervisory and decision making/problem solving skills essential.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in these areas: estimating, scheduling, budgeting/cost control, field supervision, financial reporting, client relationship, interpersonal skills, computer skills, safety/insurance, ability to communicate, both written and oral.

  • Proficient in personal computer-based scheduling and spreadsheet applications.

  • Demonstrated success in management of projects with a construction value between $10 - 40 million.

  • Have ability and flexibility to manage various project types.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage, a project or major project phase and multiple superintendents.

  • Must advocate and perform all duties in support of our Incident & Injury Free policy.

Personal/Behavioural Attributes

  • Flexibility

  • Team Building,

  • Interpersonal Ability,

  • Planning & Organising,

  • Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving


Key Internal Stakeholders

  • Operations Director, DPM, DM

Key External Stakeholders

  • Design team, contractors, Public authorities and private entities

Lendlease is committed to being a diverse and inclusive employer of choice by engaging, enabling and empowering our people. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and we are happy to consider flexible working arrangements. Inclusion sets us all up for success and we particularly encourage applications from currently under-represented groups in our industry including those who self-identify as women, black, Asian, minority ethnic, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/ or disabled.

MEP Senior Project Manager

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