Senior Software Engineer - Berlin - Query Processing

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We are actively hiring the Snowflake European Database Engineering Center, located in Berlin. We are targeting the top database developers from Europe and across the world to grow this team. The official language for this office will be English.
We’re hiring talented Software Engineers to help build the foundation of this new team! The initial focus of the Berlin office will be working on the core query optimization and distributed query and data processing engine, specifically, supporting faster parallel query execution. This will enable Snowflake customers to build new workloads and data-intensive apps on top of Snowflake. This role is a unique opportunity to build a new team to up to 20 engineers in the first two years and make a significant impact to our elastic, large scale, high-performance computing environment.


  • Identify and implement novel query optimization or distributed data processing algorithms which allow Snowflake to provide industry leading data warehousing capabilities.
  • Analyze and understand performance and scalability bottlenecks in the system and solve them.
  • Pinpoint problems, instrument relevant components as needed, and ultimately implement solutions.
  • Design, Develop, and Support a highly-parallel and fault-tolerant database system comprised of many technologies.
  • Deal with issues from logical representation of the execution plan to efficient resource management, all the way down to highly specialized vectorized execution.
  • Evaluate and determine priorities with a critical understanding of where performance matters and where performance is irrelevant.


  • 5+ years hands-on software engineering experience.
  • Background in database internals or building core components for large scale data processing systems (i.e. Hadoop, Spark) especially query execution/processing, and/or optimization.
  • Strong database fundamentals including SQL, performance, multi-threading, and schema design.
  • Strong CS fundamentals including data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems.
  • Systems programming skills including multi-threading, concurrency, etc. Fluency in C++, C, or Java preferred.
  • Experience using big data storage technologies and their applications (HDFS, Cassandra, Columnar Databases, etc.)
  • Track record of identifying and implementing creative solutions.
  • Track record working with data from multiple sources.
  • BS in Computer Science; Masters or PhD Preferred.
  • Fluency in English.

Why join the engineering team at Snowflake? Building new enterprise technologies is complex, and our engineering team surmounts the obstacles. As a member of our team, you will:

  • Build an industry-leading data management system that customers love.
  • Solve challenging technical problems related to security, parallel and distributed systems, programming, resource management, large-scale system maintenance, and more!
  • Learn about and contribute to:
  • Super-robust and secure enterprise SaaS platform that services hundreds of customers and millions of complex queries daily.
  • Highly-scalable and reliable data processing platform that runs on hundreds and thousands of machines.
  • User interfaces bridging the enterprise world with the consumer experience.
  • Join a world-class team of both industry veterans and rising stars.
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Senior Software Engineer - Berlin - Query Processing

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