Position Title: Clerk

Reports to:       Store Manager

Schedule:          part time (25 hours per week); may work 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift

Pay Range:          $13.00/hr - $14.50/hr

Position Description: The primary responsibility of a Shift Leader at United Dairy Farmers is to provide outstanding service to every Guest by following the five phases of The Hi Five Guest Experience (Invited, Welcomed, Well-Served, Respected, Fulfilled), both personally and, in the absence of a higher-level manager, through other associates on duty during his or her shift. The Shift Leader is responsible for following company policy to ensure the safe and efficient operation of his or her shift as well as carrying out his or her job in an honest and ethical manner, complying with all laws and regulations, and all company policies and requirements. Shift Leaders must be legally qualified under applicable state laws to conduct all sales transactions including alcohol and tobacco sales.

Essential Functions:

·         Overall Guest Services: Provide the signature UDF Hi Five Guest Experience; greet Guests with a warm, authentic hello, ensure store is prepared and ready for Guests at all times, anticipate needs of Guests and provide assistance to ensure each Guest leaves satisfied with the intention to return to our store.

·         DipSide Guest Services: Preparation of shakes/malts, cups/cones of ice cream/yogurt, sundaes, sodas and "hand-packed" containers.

·         Efficient Operation of Point of Sale System and Gas Console:  Properly authorizing and control gas sales, accurately register all transactions, handling coins/currency/checks/credit card transactions/coupons/food stamps and making change.

·         Stocking Merchandise: Keep shelves, displays, milk box and freezers filled and faced, ensure dip cabinet is filled and appears presentable to our Guests; ensure coffee pots and ice dispensers are full, ensure the proper rotation of stock and check for out of code dates.

·         Security: Maintain awareness of all Guests in the store/on the lot to minimize shop-lifting and gas drive-offs, control cash levels in the register by using proper "drop" procedures, doing vendor log-in and following all steps in the Tobacco/Alcohol Management and Robbery/Violence Deterrence programs.

·         Maintenance: Ensure the store and parking lot are kept in a safe, clean and organized condition; keep store equipment clean; monitor product and refrigeration equipment temperatures.

·         Reporting: Accurate completion of time records and the Customer First Document.

·         Other duties as assigned by Management

Minimum Requirements:

·         Ability to speak, hear and understand spoken English well enough to communicate effectively with customers.

·         Ability to see well enough to operate store equipment, including POS terminal, gas console, check identification documents and to use price book.

·         Ability to understand operating instructions for store equipment and to operate all store equipment.

·         Ability to prepare DipSide items using supplies located in the dip cabinets.

·         Ability to handle coins, currency, checks, credit transactions, coupons and food stamps, recognize denominations and accurately make change.

·         Ability to recognize numbers, count and do arithmetic well enough to complete required records.

·         Ability to move merchandise from storage to shelves/displays/freezers/milk box and place for proper display.

·         Ability to clean counters and other surfaces.

·         Ability to tolerate exposure to temperatures as low as –30 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 2 minutes.

·         Ability to tolerate exposure to temperatures as low as +33 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 10 minutes.

·         Ability to raise at least 10 pounds from floor level to a height of 5 feet.

·         Ability to place an 8” x 10” x 10” package weighing 21 pounds into a dip cabinet, the top of which is 3 feet above the floor.


The lists of ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS and MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for this position are not exhaustive but are believed to be accurate at the time of publication. Management reserves the right to revise this job description at any time without notice and to require that other tasks be performed when necessary (for example in response to emergencies, changes in personnel, changes in workload or technical developments).

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