Job Description

Job Position : Senior Site Acquisition Specialists

Job Location : Walnut Creek, CA

Contract : 12 Months or 1 Year

Pay Rate : $44 Per Hour on W2 (all inclusive)

Job Description, Required Skills, Education, Experience:


  • Proficient at preparation of candidate information reports related to leasing, permitting and land use viability for electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Prepares leases or other real estate agreements for complex projects.
  • Directs or supervises outside vendor partners, environmental engineers, architectural & engineering firms, engineers and drafting technicians, title search firms and others to ensure transactions close within defined timeframes.
  • Identify potential risk scenarios.
  • Drafts and proofs recordable transaction documents, leases, easements , etc. for legal department review.
  • Prepares zoning and permitting applications.
  • Monitors progress of the application and facilitates jurisdictional requests for additional information as a result of the application review process.
  • Prepares collocation applications and manages the process through Notice to Proceed (NTP).
  • Negotiates leases and amendments with private landlords.
  • Ensures compliance to the quality and safety goals and objectives.


  • Serves as Senior Site Acquisition Specialist or Lead for a particular site project (typically complex in scope) including leasing, permitting and land use processing.
  • Receives updates from Site Acquisition Specialists and Associates and reports information to Site Acquisition Manager.
  • This may include facilitating deployment meetings.
  • Provides weekly status reports to Clients and serves as project lead during weekly client meetings.
  • Assists Site Acquisition Manager with training of Site Acquisition Specialists and Associates.
  • For new-build projects, responsible for site acquisition activities from initial search ring release through NTP.
  • For existing site modification projects, responsible for site acquisition activities from leasing and zoning audit, collocation applications or lease negotiations through NTP.
  • Provides candidate-specific recommendations for leasing and land use viability.
  • Supervises and directs the work of consultants and subcontractors.
  • Supervises activities of team members and other departments, as needed.
  • Provides site sketches, as needed.
  • Attends field site visits for candidate and engineering viability.
  • Reviews title reports for ownership, encumbrances, easements, etc., and provides recommendation for leasing viability.
  • Interviews zoning/permitting personnel to obtain jurisdictional approval requirements for installation of wireless communication facilities and/or related wireless equipment as project scope defines.
  • Completes Leasing Audit & Zoning Ordinance Reviews for site modification projects.
  • Reviews zoning drawings for compliance with jurisdictional, regulatory and client requirements
  • Prepares, submits and obtains jurisdictional entitlements which may include applications and presentations before governmental or architectural review boards.
  • Presents at meetings required by the Landlord or Jurisdiction including HOA, design review boards and neighborhood groups.
  • Coordinates with tower owners and/or private landlords to negotiate and secure lease entitlements as project scope defines.
  • Coordinate with client and engineering departments to obtain information necessary for entitlement applications (RF Affidavits, propagation maps, photo-simulations, etc…).
  • Reviews and approves site specific documents for quality and completeness.
  • Reviews work of SAA or SAS prior to submittal for quality and completeness.
  • Maintains a high degree of customer service and integrity when dealing with clients.
  • Other duties or special projects, as assigned.
  • Verifies and/or obtain Enhanced 911 addressing.
  • Acts in capacity of a “lead person”.
  • Does not have management responsibility for the people to whom they provide work direction.
  • List supervised positions: Site Acquisition Associate and Specialist (ADM Level 1-3).

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Requires 4 year degree, or equivalent work experience,
  • Requires 5 years telecommunications industry experience,
  • All applicants must be able to complete pre-employment onboarding requiremen
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