Job Description

Triggerfish is a fast-growing Marketing Technology (MarTech) agency based in New Farm, Brisbane that strives to deliver outstanding value to their clients across the board.

We are hiring Sitecore developers who are passionate about their work and motivated to deliver real value to customers in the form of great web sites and web apps.

All skill ranges will be considered – the most important thing is that you are ready to embrace a fully Agile methodology and deliver results, while walking-the-talk inline with our Triggerfish values.

Our Values

  • Walk in the customers’ shoes. We help our customers understand their customer. We make sure we ask the business questions, not just the marketing ones. We are the customer voice they can’t hear or see.
  • Business insights made actionable. In a world of complexity and information, we keep things simple. We always look for the insight to provide context.
  • Challenge and lead the way. We don’t accept the status quo if there’s a better option. We always bring it back to a business goal that needs focus. We inspire trust by leading, and showing that the process works.
  • Clock builders, not time tellers. We act and work as a partner in our customers business, not a consultant. We actively do ourselves out of a job by helping others understand.
  • Data will guide our improvement. Stop making stuff up (MSU), or guessing, if we don't know we'll say so. We use data to demonstrate what's next, and take the emotion out of it. When it doesn't go to plan, we know what we did in order to learn.

What will you be working on?

We have a wide variety of clients and projects across multiple industries and a growing list of big names in Australia. Working alongside our Tech Lead, you’ll be helping implement the full power of Sitecore by:

  • Assisting in Sitecore upgrades
  • Assisting in migrations to Azure PaaS
  • Contributing to architecture and decision making
  • Using data to validate hypothesis of which features to build and deliver
  • Being a clear and concise communicator
  • Having a positive attitude and able to multitask
  • Managing stakeholders, get things moving, and keep people informed
  • Having impeccable attention to detail


Some of the technologies that a successful candidate will be familiar with include

  • All things .NET
  • VSTS (Azure DevOps) or similar
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Knowledge of modern front-end tools such as ReactJS, Vue, Angular, WebPack, Node, Gulp, Sass

Other desirables

  • Sitecore Certification
  • Hubspot Experience/Certiifcation
  • Work experience as a .NET Developer
  • BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field


Here at Triggerfish, we believe in the Programmer’s Bill of Rights to help you be as productive as possible.

  1. Every programmer shall have two monitors
  2. Every programmer shall have a fast PC
  3. Every programmer shall have their choice of mouse and keyboard
  4. Every programmer shall have a comfortable chair and desk
  5. Every programmer shall have a fast internet connection
  6. Every programmer shall have quiet working conditions
  7. Every programmer shall have the best tools and equipment money can buy

At Triggerfish, we're passionate about creating customer-led relationships that deliver competitive advantage. We specialise in helping senior leaders bridge the divide of Marketing and Technology and provide lifecycle services that optimise Digital experiences for Business Growth.

If you are based in Brisbane, ready for a new challenge in a fast-paced, result-oriented environment with a kick-arse team - please fill in the application below - we'd love to speak with you.

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