Job Description


Position Duties:

Reporting to the Foreperson, or Supervisor on duty, This skilled position is responsible for leading a team of part time staff in performing their duties within the City’s parks and open spaces in a specificed expertise. Ensure that parks, open space, and outdoor amenities are safe, clean, accessible and enjoyable for all patrons. Ensure the safe use and operation of small and large equipment and vehicles at all times by staff and yourself. (See attached list of specific skills required)

  • Leads a team of part time staff by assigning, guiding and participating in necessary maintenance duties and ensures the safe use and operation of small and large equipment and vehicles by staff at all times
  • Assigns and assists with duties related to turf maintenance – fertilizing, mowing, trimming, seeding, watering, weeding, leaf removal and turf removal, and other duties as required
  • Assigns and assists with litter pick up and washroom cleaning in any park/facility maintained by the City
  • Assigns and assists with duties related to Gardening – soil management, prepare and plant flowerbeds., mulching
  • Assigns and assists with work related to Pruning - fertilizing, preparing, planting and staking of trees and shrubs and use of associated equipment/related tools; and other duties as required.
  • Assigns and assists with changing garbage barrels throughout the parks and picks up glass in various areas as required
  • Ensures users’ needs are met for lining/grooming of sports field surfaces using grooming equipment; and other field recreation duties as required
  • Assigns and assists with cleaning and maintaining park furniture and other amenities
  • Ensures that all sports facilities/equipment (i.e. tennis, baseball, soccer, cricket) are maintained to the expected service level
  • Guides the set up/take down for special events
  • Reviews and inspects work assigned to crews for quality assurance and completes inspections and documents as required
  • Accurately maintains daily, written records for the purpose of tracking, reporting and documenting maintenance activities
  • Ensures work is performed efficiently and safely in accordance with approved City maintenance standards/specifications, policies and procedures and other legislative requirements (e.g.: OSHA Health and Safety Act, Traffic Control, etc.)
  • Ensures safe and responsible operation of all City vehicles and equipment
  • Represents the Corporation in a professional, courteous and respectful manner in all dealings with the public
  • Performs general maintenance/assembling including repairing benches, tennis courts, backstops, painting, fencing, cleaning watercourses, litter pick-up, sign repair, installing goal posts, building curbstones, home v & plates
  • Performs routine maintenance and service including: lubricating, cleaning and washing trucks, trailers and minor repairs to hand tools;
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