Job Description


  • Lead and develop new or enhanced technical solutions to improve performance

  • Maintain and improve the rendering systems

  • Refactor and rewrite existing code to improve quality, reliability, and maintainability

  • Proactively test new and existing functionality to ensure the highest levels of quality

  • Provide hands-on support to important customers. Fix bugs in legacy code

  • Author high quality internal and end-user documentation

  • Actively participate in the team's effort when it comes to design discussions, sharing engineering responsibilities, and cultivating adoption of best practices


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

  • You have practical experience with photorealistic and non-photorealistic rendering techniques (ray tracing, light transport, BXDFs, geometry processing, image processing)

  • You can demonstrate fluency in C++ and CUDA

  • Your foundation in software engineering is solid, including experience with data-oriented programming models

  • You have previous experience developing innovative and cutting-edge software solutions

  • You thrive while working independently within a fast-paced, dynamic, deadline-driven environment

  • You're a team-player who is customer-focused and has a quality-obsessed mindset


  • Relevant academic research experience

  • Familiarity with programmable shading or the OpenGL shading language

  • Experience in film or video game production

  • Practical knowledge of multi-threaded, SIMD, SIMT or GpGPU software development

  • Familiarity with programming tools such as Valgrind, Visual Studio, Vtune, etc.

  • Experience constructing and shipping commercial software is a plus

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