Software Engineer, Mobile (iOS)

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Get to know our Team :

When you’re an engineer at Grab, you are part of the heart and soul of the company. Our passion is anchored in the work that we do, and this is reflected in the impact we make on hundreds of millions of lives on a daily basis. Our team is empowered by creating amazing services and tools that serve hundreds of millions of consumers, driving partners, and fellow grabbers.We are always seeking to innovate our food delivery and supermarket platforms, which requires the help of first-class iOS engineers. Our scale of production is huge, handling tens of millions of bookings every day. When you launch a new code, hundreds of millions of people will see what you are doing in a very short time. Operating at this level is difficult, but very beneficial.
The day-to-day activities :

As an iOS engineer, you are expected to work on both product development as well as engineering improvements. 
  • Work closely with the product and design team to understand requirements, provide product feedback, own and implement the product from start to finish.
  • Drive and participate in technical discussions with other engineering teams
  • Write code that is reusable, scalable and testable. Make sure products are delivered on time and with high quality.
  • Collaborate with QAs to make sure our app releases are always worthy of five star ratings.
  • Review code from other team members, provide constructive feedback and strive to raise the engineering bar.
  • Take initiative to improve the codebase proactively. Propose and set better engineering solutions for the team.
  • Be responsible and responsive during on-call duty. Able to debug and troubleshoot production issues.
  • Provide technical guidance, mentorship and knowledge sharing to peers.
  • 2+ years or more of iOS related development experience;
  • Have a solid programming skills, good programming ability and programming habits;
  • Have a high technical research ability, technical difficulty tackling ability, problem analysis and problem solving ability;
  • Proficient in Object-C and able to use Swift proficiently, can deeply understand iOS commonly used framework;
  • Familiar with the working knowledge of several architecture methods, such as MVVM or VIPER, etc.;
  • Have the ability to develop complex animation effects on iOS, and have a strong ability to control UI details;
  • Work attitude is conscientious, have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, positive and optimistic, and willing to share.
Good to have:
  • There are higher requirements for program stability and program performance. 
  • Ability to independently develop iOS App or well-known open source works is preferred;
  • Experience in online projects is preferred.
中文: 了解我们的团队:

在您成为Grab的工程师后,您就是公司核心和灵魂的一部分。我们的热情植根于我们所做的工作,这反映在我们每天对数亿人的生活产生的影响上。我们的团队通过创造令人惊叹的服务和工具为数亿消费者、驾驶伙伴和其他抓取者提供服务。我们一直在寻求创新我们的外卖和超市平台,这需要一流的 iOS 工程师的帮助。我们的生产规模巨大,每天处理数以千万计的预订。当您发布新代码时,数亿人将在很短的时间内看到您在做什么。在这个级别上操作很困难,但非常有益。日常活动:作为一名iOS 工程师,您应该同时从事产品开发和工程改进工作。
  • 与产品和设计团队密切合作,了解需求、提供产品反馈、自始至终拥有和实施产品。
  • 推动并参与与其他工程团队的技术讨论
  • 编写可重用、可扩展和可测试的代码。确保产品按时高质量交付。
  • 与 QA 合作,确保我们的应用程序版本始终值得五颗星评级。
  • 审查其他团队成员的代码,提供建设性的反馈并努力提高工程标准。
  • 主动改进代码库。为团队提出并设置更好的工程解决方案。
  • 在值班期间负责和响应。能够调试和解决生产问题。
  • 为同行提供技术指导、指导和知识共享。
  • 本科及以上学历,计算机、通信等相关专业,2年以上iOS相关开发经验;
  • 有扎实的编程功底,良好的编程能力和编程习惯;
  • 具有较高的技术研究能力、技术攻关能力、分析问题和解决问题的能力;
  • 精通Object-C并简单使用Swift,能深入理解iOS的常用框架;
  • 熟悉几种架构方法的工作知识,如 MVVM 或 VIPER 等;
  • 具备在iOS上开发复杂动画效果的能力,对UI细节的掌控能力强;
  • 工作态度认真,有强烈的责任感和团队合作精神,积极乐观,乐于分享。
  • 对程序的稳定性和程序性能的提升有更高的要求。
  • 能独立开发iOS App的能力或有知名开源作品者优先;
  • 有上线项目的经验者优先。

Software Engineer, Mobile (iOS)

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