Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Solutions Architect-Cloud Storage India

Alibaba Group (New Delhi, DL, India) 2 days ago
Job Description

1. Be responsible for the results of storage business targets in the assigned field.

2. Provide consulting services and technical support for customers, and provide customized data moving to cloud solutions in combination with Alibaba cloud storage products and solutions.

3. Understand and feedback customers' needs to improve storage products and service.

4. Track the industry development trend and the technology change direction, and be able to guide users to make business decisions as industry experts.

5. Ensure the technical feasibility of major projects, push the projects progression, and workout the industry solutions, best practices and references of the typical cases.

6. Develop the capabilities of ecological partners, design business cooperation models, and build the ecology of the industry data moving to the cloud.

Job requirements

Basic Skills:

1. More than 5 years of pre-sale or sales experiences in storage products and solutions.

2. Have proficient business communication skills as a bridge between customers and product development teams.

3. Have good documentation skills to express architectural planning clearly, and be proficient in writing technical documents including proposals, use cases, references, and etc.

4. Have project management experiences. Be able to manage customer needs and coordinate the implementation of complex projects across business units. Be able to build the ecosystem by cooperating with the internal and external resources of the group.

5. Excellent teamwork spirit, professionalism, and stress resistance.

6. Be Proficient in spoken and written English.

Familiar with one of the following items is preferred:

1. Have storage solution experiences on big data, data lake or AI related.

2. Have practical experience in multimedia storage business scenarios.

3. Familiar with traditional storage solutions or technologies such as backup, disaster recovery, and continuous data protection.