Anticipated Vacancies 21-22 Exceptional Student Specialist

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  1. PA certification in Special Education
  2. Master’s degree or additional training in special education or gifted education preferred
  3. Three to five years of teaching experience
  4. Knowledge of gifted education services or a willingness to learn
  5. Knowledge of federal and state regulations for special education and gifted education
  6. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  7. Effective communication and collaboration with students, parents, staff, and representative of community agencies
  8. Ability to develop student centered working relationships with teachers
  9. Has ability to develop community and educational resource partnerships to foster student achievement
  10. Effective management and coordination of multiple tasks
  11. Skill with a variety of computer software
  12. Able to advocate and program appropriate interventions for students with needs
  13. Demonstrated excellence in teaching (Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instructional Delivery, Professionalism)
  14. Commitment to maintain confidentiality
  15. Experience with diverse population preferred
  16. Willingness to work a flexible, extended daily schedule with some compensated and uncompensated after-school hours to provide training and support for teachers
  17. Team leadership experience preferred
  18. Professional development experience preferred

REPORTS TO:           Building Principal and Coordinator of Student Services

SUPERVISES:            N/A

JOB GOAL:                To ensure district complies with Federal and State compliance regulations for both special education services and gifted services

                                    To support the district’s efforts to ensure FAPE to all students who receive special education services and gifted support services


  1. Facilitate compliance with all applicable regulations for each assigned building.
  2. Review documents to ensure quality and compliance.
  3. Support case managers to create appropriate individual education plans
  4. Serve as the case manager for students receiving gifted services in assigned site(s) which includes development of the GIEPS.
  5. Work as a team member with other building professional leaders to improve instructional practices
  6. Attend/lead meetings as determined by the Coordinator.
  7. Provide training and consultation to staff.
  8. Facilitate service delivery for students as directed by the Coordinator.
  9. Serve as the Local Education Agency Representative as designated by the Coordinator.
  10. Support the collaboration of special and general education staff.
  11. Serve as a liaison between assigned schools and administration.
  12. Recommend needed changes based on data.
  13. Advise the Coordinator of potentially difficult/litigious issues and concerns.
  14. Pursue professional growth opportunities.


  1. Assist during emergencies that may include lifting and carrying students, pushing wheelchairs, or other activities as directed by the administrator in charge.
  2. Perform other duties as assigned.


Teacher contract year with up to 10 additional days paid at the per diem rate; salary to be established by the Board.

EVALUATION:          Evaluation will be determined according to the District's Professional Evaluation Plan – Observation/Supervision/Evaluation Plan


            Physical Demands:

                        Able to stand, walk, and sit for extended period of time, if necessary

                        Light lifting up to 50 pounds

            Sensory Abilities:

                        Normal/corrected vision

                        Visual acuity needed to read documents and computer screen

                        Normal/corrected hearing

                        Speak clearly and distinctly


                        Ability to work as a member of a team

                        Must be courteous and able to deal effectively with people

                        Must be cooperative, congenial, and service oriented

Mental Demands:

                        Ability to interpret detailed written and verbal communications

                        Ability to function in fast-paced and high-pressure work setting

                        Solve problems

                        Organize and set priorities

                        De-escalate situations


                        School setting

Anticipated Vacancies 21-22 Exceptional Student Specialist

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