Spontaneous application

CHILI publish (Aalst VOV, België) 8 dagen geleden gepost

Uh-oh - HR tells us your dream position is filled! Or maybe we didn't realise we need you! 

But we believe you can never have enough of a good thing.

Send us a white raven with your CV and a unique message on why you’d be perfect for this job. 

Anything goes:

  • 1min rap video (that’s how this guy got the job at VaynerMedia!)

  • enticing podcast on your awesomeness (we’re not all camera people, some of us prefer a mic) 

  • your tap-dancing diploma (hidden skills are never underestimated here, let alone undervalued)

  • ... 

Show us why we should plead your case with HR. 

And we just might.

Knock us off our feet.

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Spontaneous application

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