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We have crazy visions. We believe in the future. Technologies like AI, AR, and VR will transform the consumer shopping experience and we want to become one of the pioneers in the fashion industry to implement these. We want to become the most sustainable, customer-centric, and transparent company in the world. . . I told you they were crazy!

We are teams. Each team has its own vision, strategy, and goals. This role will be the first hire for our "Docu-Style Reality Show" team. The team vision, strategy, and goals will be owned by the Producer. This team's "temporary vision" is "to make the company the most transparent company in the world."

In our company, nobody can fire anyone, nobody is anyone’s boss, everyone is their own boss as it relates to our areas of ownership.

We'd like to give your team full creative freedom, however, speaking as a person who will be on the show (Shangwei Ding, CEO), I’d like the storyline for this show to be about people with different backgrounds working together to fulfill visions we all believe in. Aside from entertainment, we also hope our audiences benefit or find value from this show.

The show needs to be 100% un-scripted. All teams' visions, strategies, short & long-term goals, KPIs, company valuation & other statistical figures need to be transparent to our audiences.

The first season will be released within 8-12 months of production. Then, the goal is to release every other week in 2 weeks post-production timeline.

Responsibilities - This role is defined as a "Thought Leader" within the company:

Ownership of team’s vision, strategy, and seasonal goals

Ownership of all raw footages

Work closely with Project Manager (Scrum Master) and the creative team, continuously motivating the team with team vision and story

Working with Project Manager , leading the team to learn feedback from the audiences.

Working closely with Data & Finance on 1. quantitative audience data 2. budgeting

Beating out the episode, creating a story grid

Finding and watching all of the raw footage

Interviewing talent on camera

Conducting pick-up interviews

Working with Project Manager to secure releases for subjects/ locations / artwork / photos / music / articles, etc.

Field logging

Field producing scenes

Owner of hot sheets

Tracking story through field and/or post

Working with Editors to create franken bites

Researching any science or statistics used in graphics or VO

Making sure the episode includes all advertising and graphics requirements, conforms to S&P, and is to time

Watching down outputs for QC


Team player.

Bachelor's degree in journalism, film, acting etc. beneficial.

An impeccable portfolio.


Some experience in the industry.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Drive and determination.

Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Product Management knowledge preferred


  • 100% covered health, dental, vision insurance
  • Stock option
  • Flexible hours
  • Dog friendly office
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