Job Description


The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for the achievement of corporate objectives of progressive profitability through upright and effective procurement and delivery of goods and services for the entire Ada Manufacturing Corporation (ADAMCO) operation and to provide ADAMCO branches with the right quantity of merchandise / products available at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

Incumbent formulates and reviews policies related to Supply Chain and ensures the continuous improvement of business processes by reducing cycle time and operating costs and of the alignment of processes, KRAs and KPIs to corporate objectives.


Forecasting and Inventory Management

Sets up systems and technologies in ensuring that sales and inventory data is processed and analyze to come up with optimal method of trend analysis to be used as input in forecasting and purchase processes

Reviews and ensures that continuous improvement in the procedures and technologies are used to monitor and analyze sales and inventory data.

Reviews, calibrates and approves forecasts.

Ensures that inventory levels at the store and warehouse are based on standards set and within the optimal level required for efficient stock movement operation

Warehouse Management and Physical Inventory Control

Ensures that physical inventory count are accurate and/or within acceptable level in terms of count and variance

Continuously review, evaluate and monitor procedures in ensuring that physical inventory are its most accurate level

Reviews and ensures procedures and parameters for reconciliation, variance analysis and confirmation are in place to end up with the most accurate level of physical inventory count

Ensures that warehousing and distribution management procedures are efficient and in place to deliver the expected key performance indicators in terms of cycle time, freight cost maximization, good warehousing processes compliance and load efficiency

Negotiation, Networking and Business Partnering

Ensures that negotiation procedures are within the accepted policies of the company and upheld in the highest level of transparency, fairness and equity.

Conducts regular price canvassing and trade check analysis on products, and suppliers.

Oversees negotiation with suppliers for the best deals (terms, payments, GP, distribution / delivery subsidy, marketing and advertising support), product improvement and various income improvement programs

Ensures that requirement are awarded to the supplier which offers the most advantageous package

Product Masterfile Management

Ensures proper and accurate maintenance of product master file.

Reviews and checks items in the Product Master File for validation of the status.

Monitors, reviews, recommends and implements improvements in the process of managing the master file.

PO Management

Reviews, checks the accuracy of data and approves PO.

Ensures proper implementation of PO processing (from trade transactions and sourcing, supplier negotiations to ordering process )

Recommends and implements process improvements to enhance efficiency and work productivity.

Supplier Standard Setting and Performance Monitoring

Recommends improvements in set standards for improved supplier performance.

Ensures the timely and full delivery of products by the supplier based on conditions set in the PO.

Reviews and discusses with supplier pertinent industry insights, performance updates and plans.

Ensures that purchasing code of ethics are upheld and valued in the Supply Chain Division.

Planning, Organizing and Monitoring

Identifies risk-prone areas in Supply Chain operations and puts counter measures to mitigate the risks.

Identifies critical activities of department vis a vis company objectives to develop sound work plans.

Sets priorities and allocates resources, in accordance with department targets and the business plan.

Sets, approves and monitors KPIs , metrics, timetables and reporting requirements

Leadership and People Management

Identifies the manpower requirements of the department and ensures that subordinates have the knowledge, skills and motivation required for competent and committed performance.

• Identifies development needs of staff and formulate development plans. Coaches subordinates in areas of growth.

• Carries out formal appraisals. Provides constructive feedback during and outside of performance appraisal. Recognizes and reinforces achievements of staff.

Builds, guides and mobilizes the Supply Chain Department team to work well to

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