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Responsible for identifying and analyzing system requirements to develop detailed design specifications for data traffic and system enhancements to include designing, configuring, and maintaining system services within company infrastructure, monitoring the data communications to ensure system is available to all users


System Design - Provide system design services which meet and exceed end user (e.g., client, internal customer, etc.) needs, ensuring adherence to departmental policies and procedures

* Coordinate and define system requirements (e.g., design, configure, install, etc.) to include consulting with end users to determine the scope and objectives of proposed system configurations

* Oversee the timely and accurate analysis of end user requirements, evaluating if system configuration is possible with existing resources and managing end user expectations to keep them at a realistic level

* Develop and implement system back up and recovery plans to maintain reliable system

* Develop detailed implementation plans to accommodate system growth, security, and enhancements by maximizing functionality of system equipment (e.g., routers, bridges, gateways, switches, etc.)

* Monitor system implementation, providing support in an timely and accurate manner; know and support approved corporate and departmental policies relating to business procedures, philosophies and conduct

* Design system performance reports, detailing system status for management in an accurate and timely manner

Technical Research and Analysis - Analyze data traffic patterns within system infrastructure, detecting operational problems and recommending improvements to ensure optimal performance

* Proactively identify symptoms and instabilities in a timely and accurate manner to include performing analysis, capacity planning, and testing for organizations environment

* Make recommendations to management on enhancements to system that will improve the quality and reliability of the systems performance

* Provide recommendations of the most cost-effective solution to management, including all cost, procedural, and contractual considerations necessary to make decisions

* Provide written documentation to support the recommendation and benefits of implementing new technology

* Keep up-to-date on industry trends and methodologies for incorporation into the Company's system infrastructure

* Provide timely and accurate executive level reports on research conducted and pertinent results to assess the services levels West provides

System Administration - Perform analysis of system needs, implementing necessary additions or changes to the database that control the accessibility and usability of all system servers

* Ensure optimal system performance by contributing to the design of system architecture, integration, and installation

* Recommend server hardware and/or software required for system enhancement, while maintaining an environment that provides constant server up time and acceptable server performance

* Monitor data back up for all servers (e.g., Novell, NetWare, Microsoft Windows NT servers,

etc.), ensuring lost data and/or server disaster can quickly be recovered with minimal impact on staff operations and production

* Prepare reports for management in an accurate and timely manner, outlining system status

(e.g., types, amount of, and usage of system traffic, server processor utilization, memory utilization, and general server performance, etc), making recommendations for enhancements based on report data

* Proactively ensure proper security measures are in place for all assigned server components as established by departmental policies and procedures, to include adding and deleting system users in a timely and accurate manner

* Research ways to improve security either through additional equipment purchases or software package installation

* Provide system security by checking files and directories for access, checking password changes, and restricting access by outside users on the platform or system

* Configure system security via file permissions, host trusting, etc

System Installation and Maintenance - As necessary, install, configure and test all system server equipment (e.g., hardware, software, peripherals, system nodes, terminals, wiring, etc.), formatting servers to support continuous operation, to include working with customer specifications to define new servers for end users applications

* Continually monitor and review server performance, stability, and architecture, ensuring optimal performance of system components and services to include testing systems on scheduled basis

* Monitor system operations, performing system troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose system problems

* Coordinate repair of system problems and outages through use of test and diagnostic equipment, ensuring system schedule, backup plan, and down time is communicated to system users

* Remove and/or replace defective equipment as needed

* Evaluate system requirements and capabilities, making recommendations for improvements on existing servers to support growth and new applications, coordinating with appropriate staff and vendors to plan and execute upgrade

Staff Assistance - Provide assistance to assigned co-workers, providing support and answering questions as necessary, ensuring functions are efficiently performed and paperwork is processed in a quality-oriented manner, adhering to corporate and departmental policies and procedures

* Provide direction to assigned staff, assisting with initial orientation to the department and task completion, as requested

* As necessary, provide departmental support in problem resolution, ensuring issues are resolved in an accurate, timely, and professional manner

* Assist staff in striving to ensure highest level of quality, responsive service possible is provided

* May be required to support supervisor in responding to inquires and conducting research and analysis

Problem Resolution - Participate in the activities involved in the quality resolution of system issues or concerns, following through to completion and communicating resolution results to end user

* Strive to enhance the department's relationship with customers ensuring the highest quality service possible is provided

* Proactively communicate constructive feedback to management, identifying any obstacles to achieving goals

* Escalate to supervisor any situation outside the employee's control that could adversely impact the services provided

* Regularly review feedback concerning overall service provided with supervisor to determine recurring problems and recommend improvements aimed at reducing future occurrences

* Implement system changes at the direction of supervisor

* Respond to 24-hour/7-day-per-week service needs as required

Project Coordination - Coordinate and participate in activities associated with assigned projects, following the project from beginning to end, ensuring the project continually supports the attainment of corporate goals and is completed in a timely, accurate, and quality manner, striving to meet and exceed expectations

* Meet with end user to determine the project scope, providing direction and technical support during all project stages or in a specific area as assigned

* May prepare a project calendar, discussing established timeframes with end users and update calendar throughout the project, ensuring all timelines are met and project is completed as scheduled

* Continuously monitor daily tasks and project assignments in progress ensuring project schedule is being met and schedule changes are addressed in a timely and accurate manner

* Analyze and prepare project information and present recommendations and analysis to department management for review

* Create and maintain project files that are well documented and efficiently organized, ensuring files include documentation for each phase of the project which may include project calendar and support documentation detailing project activities, results, implementation, technical reference guide, users guide, etc.

* As required, complete report at project completion to document if all milestones and objectives were met; provide management with status reports throughout assigned coding projects detailing project status and timeline

Team Interfaces - Establish and maintain a professional relationship with team members and department contacts

* Cooperate with team members to meet goals or complete tasks

* Escalate work flow and communication issues to supervisor

* Treat all internal/external customers and team members with dignity/respect

Mental and Physical Requirements - -

*This position will be exposed mainly to an indoor office environment and will be expected to work near or around computers, telephones, and printers

*The nature of the work in this position is sedentary and the incumbent will be sitting most of the time

*Essential physical functions of the job include typing, grasping, pulling hand over hand, and repetitive motions to utilize general computer software/hardware continuously throughout the work day

*Essential mental functions of this position include concentrating on tasks, reading information, and verbal/written communication to others continuously throughout the work day

Related Duties as Assigned - -

* The job description documents the general nature and level of work but is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all activities, duties, and responsibilities required of job incumbents

* Consequently, job incumbents may be asked to perform other duties as required

* Also note, that reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the functions outlined above

* Please contact your local Employee Relations representative to request a review of any such accommodations





Applicant for this job will be expected to meet the following minimum qualifications.


* Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in computer science, information systems, electrical engineering, computer engineer or a related field is required

* Equivalent work experience in a similar position may be substituted for educational requirements


* Minimum 3 years experience administering and maintaining an operating system is required

* Minimum 1 year project coordination experience preferred


* Based on area of responsibility and departmental need:

* Minimum 4 years' experience managing Windows (2003, 2008) server environments required.

* Minimum 2 years experience running a a Microsoft Exchange platform in an enterprise environment required.

* Knowledge of one program platform (Tandem, Windows, Unix, Geotel, or Web) is required and knowledge of one standard programming language (e.g., C, SQL, Visual Basic, C++,

COBOL, HTML, PERL, TACL) is preferred, Knowledge of BizTalk may be required

* Knowledge of ADP/Kronos may be required.

* If utilizing Unix experience the following maybe preferred: Linux Operating Systems, RedHat

Enterprise Server, Sun Solaris Operating System AIX Operating System, Tomcat Server,

Apache, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas NetBackup, Legato AAM, Legato High Availability

Manager, BIND DNS, SendMail, F5 BigIP Load Balancers or similar, Firewalls, Storage Arrays,

Strong Shell and/or Perl Scripting, Work in a hybrid Unix/Linux/AIX/Microsoft environment,

Business Objects, EMC Autostart, Weblogic, IIS, multi tiered application environments and interactions with other business systems, advanced technical knowledge of integration with operating systems kernels, advanced networking skills with knowledge of routing and switching technologies


* Intermediate knowledge of Word and Excel required

* Able to carry pager, be on-call and respond within a reasonable time frame

* Based on departmental need, Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) may be preferred



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