Specialist, Talent Management

Pandora (Bangkok, ราชอาณาจักรไทย) ประกาศเมื่อ 36 วันที่ผ่านมา

Here at Pandora, we're on a mission to redefine excellence in the sustainable and affordable luxury jewellery industry, not just through our innovative products but through our people. As a cornerstone of our Talent team, the Talent Management Specialist plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our organization. Working closely with the Talent Management Manager, this role is designed for a visionary who is passionate about unlocking the potential within every individual.

Your mandate will be to sculpt the framework of success, guide the development and implementation of strategies that nurture our top talent, define clear career pathways, solidify our competency framework and strengthen our leadership capabilities. Together with the Talent Management Manager, you’ll be a champion of our succession planning process, ensuring that leadership and critical roles are never left to chance. Moreover, identifying and cultivating high-potential talent will be your canvas, allowing Pandora to not only envision the future but to create it.

This is a role for those who see beyond job titles and organizational charts, for those who believe in the power of people to transform industries. If you're ready to be at the forefront of talent management innovation, to challenge the status quo and to lead Pandora into a new era of people and industry excellence, we're looking for you. Let's build the future together, one talent at a time.

Key Areas of Responsibility

•Succession Planning for Managers•Top Talent Management•High Potential Talent Management•Competency Framework and Career Mapping•Development Planning and Actions Management Top Talent•Emerging Leaders and Leadership Programs Management Roles & Responsibilties
  • Work closely with Manager, Talent Management in identification of potential leadership gaps, assessing internal talent pools, and recommending development plans to ensure continuity in key positions within Pandora.
  • Identify, assess, and monitor the organization's top talent from Band 4 and below to ensure their growth and retention. This involves partnering Learning Partner team to create personalized development programs and engagement strategies to nurture these individuals for future leadership roles
  • Coordinate and manage Talent Management and Review process calendar within C&S
  • Oversee and coordinate Leadership and Talent Development assessment and Leadership Programs management
  • Work with Manager, Talent Management and Director, Talent & DEI to design and refine career paths for employees across various departments, aligning individual aspirations with organizational needs. This includes collaborating with Managers and HRBPs to outline clear progression routes and competency requirements.
  • Continuously evaluate and update the competency framework to reflect the evolving needs of the organization and industry standards. Ensure that the framework is integrated into all talent management processes, including recruitment, development, and performance evaluation. Support HRBPs in competency framework identification within various functions at Pandora.
  • Implement a high-potential talent program that identifies, develops, and accelerates the readiness of employees deemed to have the capability and aspiration to hold critical roles within the organization. This includes overseeing mentoring programs, designing and delivering inclusive leadership programs, and cross-functional project assignments.
  • Utilize people analytics to inform talent management strategies and decisions. This involves analyzing data on employee performance, talent assessment, engagement, and turnover to identify trends, predict future needs, and measure the effectiveness of talent management initiatives.
  • Act as a key liaison between the Talent Management team and other departments, ensuring alignment of talent strategies with business objectives. Facilitate communication and collaboration across teams to support the implementation of talent initiatives.
  • Stay abreast of best practices and emerging trends in talent management and organizational development. Recommend and implement improvements to processes and programs based on benchmarking and industry standards aligned to Pandora Crafting & Supply strategy and priorities.
  • Work with Manager, Talent Management to oversee the design and delivery of development programs that address the identified needs of employees identified as Successors, Top Talent and High Potential Talent. This includes leadership development, technical training, and soft skills enhancement.
  • Champion Pandora’s culture and values in every aspect of talent management. Foster a work environment that encourages diversity, inclusion, innovation, and continuous learning.
  • Subject Matter Expert in Talent Management & Leadership Development process and programs; Lead the communications of TM processes and programs and facilitate learning sessions for HRBPs and people leaders
  • Analyze talent data and manage Talent Management and Leadership dashboard to leadership team and HRBPs
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