Job Description

Nedbank Recruiting

Job Requisition


Closing Date

22 August 2018

Job Location


FAIS Affected

FAIS Affected - Yes

Job Purpose

To optimise sales performance through others in order to grow the client base and make Nedbank more profitable

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance and conformance for audit and compliance purposes through accuracy of documentation; legislation; risk and safety management; escalation processes; and housekeeping (Clean desk policy).
  • Ensure FAIS compliance through the supervision process.
  • Ensure that every team member has a development plan in place .
  • Ensure delivery of a world class service by effective use of the client experience measurement (CEM) tool.
  • Ensure that clients are acknowledged and directed upon arrival by optimising client flow.
  • Ensure that the team has various networking opportunities with monolines and clients by encouraging collaboration.
  • Ensure that a needs analysis is conducted by the consultant.
  • Ensure that sales targets are met consistently by motivating and coaching the sales team to achieve the set targets.
  • Drive needs based sales by ensuring clients get what they need.
  • Ensure growth of the client base by way of cross selling and upselling.
  • Ensure productivity and participation of products on offer by the bank by driving the sales team.
  • Ensure transformational targets are met for own team through consideration of targets during the staff recruitment; retention and training process.
  • Contribute to a culture conducive to the achievement of transformation goals by participating in Nedbank Culture building initiatives (e.g. staff surveys etc).
  • Participate in the development and implement action plans to address issues raised in culture surveys to improve results.
  • Address issues raised in culture surveys by participating in the development and implementation of action plans.
  • Create a client service culture through various required interventions.
  • Support and encourage staff to participate and support corporate responsibility initiative.
  • Achieve operational excellence by supporting the implementation of business optimisation improvement through team engagement.
  • Encourage team to generate innovative ideas and share knowledge.
  • Manage performance of staff by implementing performance agreements; ensuring a clear vision; agreeing on goals and objectives; providing regular feedback on performance; recognising and rewarding achievement and take appropriate corrective action where required.
  • Mentor and coach staff on identified performance gaps by discussing these performance gaps and agree on appropriate action to be taken.
  • Motivate staff to perform and contribute to the success of the business by creating environment of teamwork through engaging with staff (sharing information) and encouraging participation in decision making processes.
  • Stay abreast in field of expertise and deliver on the expectations from stakeholders by building capability of self and staff through identifying current and future training and development needs.
  • Contribute to team effectiveness by following the recruitment process when recruiting talent.Maintain a capable high performing team andensure an environment for optimal performance is created by identifying talent pool through conducting career conversations; utilising the talent grid principles and developing talent retention programmes (e.g.. rotation).
  • Ensure self and staff understand and embrace the Nedbank Vision and Values by leading by example and re-enforcing values during meetings.
  • Manage the on boarding process of new employees by ensuring execution of preparations according to the on-boarding check-list.

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