Job Description

Job Description



1. 负责阿里巴巴集团Aliexpress网站的数据产品、数据服务的技术研发、架构设计;

2. 设计、使用技术架构、和大数据的产品,如:分布式数据库、缓存、NoSQL、OLAP、Hadoop生态(如:Hive/HBase)、Spark、Storm、Flink等。

Aliexpress Data Service Team mainly focuses Precipitating the core e-commerce data for Aliexpress, to build up a consolidated data asset and data category, to set up the key data products and to support the whole site business through data product and data service; the key target is to based on the global e-commerce data drived by the data and algorithm technique, to provide high efficent operation data products and AI operation determination for sellers and AE team, meantime, to provide consolidated data service to all technical for the site, energize the business and precipitate data asset and data category; we need you, who is also excellent and with courage, and altogether with us to challenge.

We need you to be in charge of Aliexpress technical development and struction designing to data product and data service.

Job requirements

1. 3年及以上使用JAVA开发的经验,JAVA基础扎实,理解IO、多线程、集合等基础框架,了解JVM原理以及特性;

2. 对用过的开源框架,能了解到它的原理和机制;对Spring,ibatis,struts等开源框架熟悉;

3. 熟悉大流量、高并发的分布式系统的设计和应用,熟悉分布式、缓存、消息等机制;能对分布式常用技术进行合理应用,解决问题;

4. 掌握多线程及高性能的设计与编码及性能调优;有高并发应用开发经验;

5. 掌握Linux操作系统、分布式数据库、缓存等相关产品;有丰富的使用经验;

6. 学习能力强,适应能力好;具备耐心/细心的品质;

7. 拥有海量数据处理经验者优先;有海外工作学习经历,英语流利优先。

1. 3 years+ Java development experience, solid Java base and fully understand IO, multiple thread, collection and other basic structure, and fully understand JVM principle.

2. regarding the used open- resourcing structure, understnd the theory and mechanism; familiar with Spring, ibatis, struts and other open- sourcing structure.

3. know the designing and application mass- flow, high- complicating distribution system, and know distributing, cache, message and other mechanism; to use distribution technique to appliance properly to fix issues.

4. master the designing, coding and feature improvement to the multiple thread and high complicating ; have development experience to high complicating application.

5. master Linux system, distribution database, cache and other related products; have affluent using exprience.

6. good at learning, easy adopting; patient and careful.

7. have mass- data processing exprience is a plus; overseas learning and working experience is a plus; excellent English is a plus.